VIDEO: The Black Hand – Where Are You Now?

California-based rockers The Black Hand have dropped a compelling new video for their song, ‘Where Are You Now?’

The video, which stars Michael Cudlitz (Abraham from The Walking Dead), is the story of one man’s battle with his own traumatic past. The track comes from their album, also named ‘The Black Hand’, which was released last month.

The emotive content is visible all throughout the video, which debuted on Loudwire this week, and was present during production. Of it’s making, frontman Chris Hughes said,

Working on this video was heavy. Everyone involved left it all on the set. As soon as you walked in the room you felt it. Cudlitz is as real as it gets, a true artist who goes all in every time.

‘The Black Hand’ is out now and available to buy from iTunes (here), Apple Music (here), or for streaming on Spotify (here).