VIDEO: SHVPES – Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair.


Still riding off the success of their debut studio album ‘Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair.’ from last year, Birmingham’s SHVPES have now unveiled an explosive (literally) video for the record’s latest single and title-track.

You can stream and watch the video for ‘Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair.’ below:

Speaking of the track, and the accompanying video, vocalist Griffin Dickinson says, “As the title-track to our debut album, we wanted the video to tie everything we’ve been working on together and really bring the album artwork to life. From the 1920’s apothecary style aesthetic to us physically drinking from the bottles on the artwork I think we’ve managed to do just that. Throughout the video you see the band sat round a table, blindfolded, playing Russian roulette with bottles marked ‘Pain’, ‘Joy’, ‘Ecstasy’, and ‘Despair’. ‘Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair.’ represents the emotional circle of life. It’s a statement of acceptance that we live in complete chaos and no one knows what’s coming next.

We had such a great time shooting this vid because it’s just metal as fuck. I thought I was on fire after every take, but the important thing is that I wasn’t. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!”

The band’s debut full-length album, ‘Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair.’, is out now through Spinefarm Records/Search And Destroy.

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