VIDEO: Savage Hands – Unconditional

Credit: Promo

Having just dropped their debut EP, ‘Barely Alive’, fresh-faced Maryland based post-hardcore/metalcore troupe Savage Hands have now premiered a video to accompany ‘Unconditional’, the latest song to be cut straight from the release.

In an emotional visual accompaniment for the track, the video for ‘Unconditional’ captures a couple in the collapsing and explosive moments towards the end of their relationship.

You can stream and watch the video for ‘Unconditional’ below.

Speaking further on both the song and the video, vocalist Mike Garrow shares, “For ‘Unconditional’, we wanted to portray an ugly side of a relationship. Something that showed a lot of anger that can be built up on both sides of a relationship. There are always two sides to every story. We wanted to catch the couple ‘in the moment’ and portray how anger can make you destroy everything you love and cherish in a relationship. They both destroy everything in the house, which symbolizes what they have built during their time together. Like destroying the clock for an example. The clock represents their ‘time’ spent together. In the end, they both sit back to back reflecting on what they have done thinking if it was even worth all of that. We just wanted to express that we all go through these types of things and sometimes things get really ugly like that and it’s not okay. We don’t ever hope for that type of violence in any relationship.

The whole mood of the song is best seen in black and white. The lyrics call for it as well. To me, the video is a real life interpretation of something that I’ve actually seen. It’s sort of therapeutic to get it off my chest and out to the world for others to see and understand. Savage Hands isn’t just us, it’s the entire world. It’s the negative impact we have on each other as friends or loved ones, getting through that negative impact by whatever means necessary and learning from it. We hope that everyone can appreciate what we’ve created and we want to let everyone know we’re just getting started. We have a lifetime of problems, past and present.. to reflect on.”

The band’s debut EP, ‘Barely Alive’, is available now through SharpTone Records.