VIDEO: PVRIS – Anyone Else

Along with dropping their follow-up to their 2014 debut record ‘White Noise’ this week, Massachusetts based alternative rock trio PVRIS have now dropped a video to accompany ‘Anyone Else’, the latest single from sophomore studio LP, ‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’.

Frontwoman Lynn Gunn co-directed the video for ‘Anyone Else’ with Raul Gonzo (who’s directed every PVRIS video to date), and collaborated on the concept with Courtney Scarr (who’s seen dancing in the video).

You can stream and check out the video for ‘Anyone Else’ below.

Speaking further about the song and the accompanying video, Gunn explains, “The verses of this song were each written a year apart, therefore lies two contrasting perspectives. The first verse was written at the beginning of heartbreak… that feeling when you first leave someone yet you feel like a part of you will always belong to them. The second verse was written a year later… a different mindset, mostly reflecting on the toxicity and possessiveness of that same love. It is ambiguous as to what the ending perspective is… who do I belong to in the end? Myself or my past lover?

The past few years I’ve had this unexplained growing love for the Victorian Era/Early 20th century and much of the art and photographs that came from those periods. The energy of this song, as far as instrumentation and production, gives me the most unexplainable feeling… to me it feels so ethereal and dreamy and immediately transports me to old John William Waterhouse paintings and other worlds reminiscent of that. I really wanted this video to be a subtle homage to that unexplainable feeling as well as capture the energy of the contrasting perspectives that exists in the lyrics.

For the dance/choreographed part of the video, we had the pleasure of welcoming back Courtney Scarr (one of the dancers in the video for ‘What’s Wrong’). We were incredibly lucky to have her on board with this shoot in bringing the energy of the contrasting perspectives to life on screen. The idea to have her on board for this video was actually pretty serendipitous… I was listening to a mix of the song while scrolling on Instagram and she had just posted a video of some choreography she had just learned, the song and her movements in the video synched up perfectly and it dawned on me that she needed to be in this video… She also has an energy/look that resembles a lot of the women that Waterhouse would paint.”

The band’s new album, ‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’, is out now through Rise Records.