VIDEO: Psykosis – Driller Killer

Swiftly following their performance at Bloodstock Festival, Irish thrashers Psykosis have unveiled a video to accompany their new song ‘Driller Killer’.

This is the first single to be released from their forthcoming album ‘Welcome To The Psyko Ward’, which is set for release on September 16th 2016, and you can check it out with the embedded post below:

Frontman Grant Walsh comments; ‘We chose ‘Driller Killer’ as our single because it shows a lot of playing styles and is a good example of what the album is sounding like. It’s fast, catchy, funky and thrashy, you can bang your head, sing along or dance to it.

The song is written about the serial Killer Jeffery Dalmer who used to drill into his victim’s brains and pour eroding acid into the drill hole to make his victim a lifeless drone to obey his every command, so we thought that was pretty cool topic, and started writing ‘Driller Killer”.

Pre-order ‘Welcome To The Psyko Ward’ here.