VIDEO: Peaness – Ugly Veg

Fresh from festival appearances at the likes of 2000 Trees Festival and TRUCK Festival, Chester based trio Peaness have created their own DIY claymation video to accompany ‘Ugly Veg’, the new single from their recent EP, ‘Are You Sure?’.

Although an upbeat sounding song and colourful video, the lyrics revolve around the serious subject of food waste and global climate change, which comes just weeks after US President Donald Trump withdrew the country from the Paris Climate Agreement; an international initiative to mitigate the effects of global warming.

Speaking of the song, the band comment, “A lot of our songs come from the conversations we have together. ‘Ugly Veg’ came from a documentary we watched about food waste. We got quite wound up by it so we wrote a song about it!”

The band’s new EP, ‘Are You Sure?’, is available now through Alcopop! Records.