VIDEO: Neck Deep – Motion Sickness

Credit: Promo

Gearing themselves up for the release of their third album, ‘The Peace & The Panic’, Wrexham based pop-punk favourites Neck Deep have just unveiled a video for its next single and the opening track, ‘Motion Sickness’.

You can stream and watch the video for ‘Motion Sickness’ below:

Speaking of the song and the accompanying video, singer Ben Barlow says, “‘Motion Sickness’ is the song that really bridges the vibe and lyrical message of ‘Life’s Not Out To Get You’ to the new album. It’s the song on ‘The Peace & The Panic’ that shares the most in common with what we’ve done before, whilst still fitting with the rest of the new material. Like a lot of the new record, it carries a theme of duality; the verses are about confusion and struggle, but the choruses are about not giving up, not letting hard times get the best of you.

We shot the video with our friend and close collaborator Elliott Ingham whilst we were in LA recording the album. The song is so upbeat and energetic that we didn’t want the video to be too serious, so we just hung out on our days off from the studio and stitched all the footage together. There’s some cool shots from the studio and from our headline sets at Slam Dunk in there too… the video just matches the songs mood of seizing life and grabbing opportunities that are in front of you.”

The band’s forthcoming third studio album, ‘The Peace & The Panic’, is set to be released on August 18th 2017 through Hopeless Records.