VIDEO: Fall Out Boy share a teaser video featuring Brendon Urie!

Chicago based pop-rockers Fall Out Boy have shared a video including none other than Panic! At The Disco‘s Brendon Urie.

Following on from the release of the Illinois boys’ new track ‘Young & Menace’, the band dropped a short video which features a man in a purple animal suit, who removes his mask to reveal Mr. Urie himself. He then proceeds to aggressively eat cereal.

Check it out below:

We can’t tell if any of these are subliminal messages about the new record, but a collaboration between Fall Out Boy and Urie would not go amiss!

Fall Out Boy only released their latest single, ‘Young & Menace’ on April 27th. The song received a typically mixed reaction; it is pretty distinct from popular earlier albums including ‘Infinity On High’, even in comparison to later release such as ‘Save Rock And Roll’. It will feature on the new album ‘Mania’, which is set to come out on September 15th.