TRICKS OF THE TRADE: Vocals – Alex Terrible (Slaughter To Prevail)

Just over a month ago, British/Russian deathcore mob Slaughter To Prevail released their debut full-length record, ‘Misery Sermon’, as they look to continue the work they started on their acclaimed EP, ‘Chapters Of Misery’. Vocalist Alex Terrible (or, Alex Shikolai) has been a somewhat controversial figure in death metal over the last few years, and the frontman has his own unique style as portrayed in his own tutorial videos.

So, we decided to get Alex‘s take on everything vocal, including inspiration, recovery, and his favourite frontmen.


I just decided to start it. I had no info about how to do this right, or how exactly to do this. I just did it every day. I played my favourite song by Suicide Silence and I tried to mimic this shit. That’s all. All you need is will and a fucking dream. That’s all. When people said to me, “Oh, you need a teacher. You need a good mic. You need this. You need that.” It’s bullshit.


Mitch Lucker, Oliver Sykes, and Corey Taylor forever, and I also love the vocalist from The Last Ten Seconds Of Life (John Robert C.), for sure. There’s one guy I saw on Instagram too named Kevin Ritchie. He’s good, and always supports me and Slaughter.

In terms of particular recordings and releases, ‘The Cleansing’ by Suicide Silence and both ‘This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For’ and ‘Suicide Season’ by Bring Me The Horizon were the records that made me want to become a vocalist.


When I learned how to scream, I never warmed up. Right now, when I do a lot of tours and I’ve been screaming for 9 years already, my voice is sometimes tired, so I sing clean vocals. My favourite song for example is a Russian song by BoomBox called ‘The One That (БумБокс- Та что)’. But, I do think that it’s important to do a warm-up.


Look, we play fucking heavy music and I do not sing. I fucking scream, man. And if you do not want to warm-up, you will be hurt because it’s metal. I completely commit myself to this cause, and I want to see some people playing with me! I give my life for that and I don’t fucking care about how deep it will hurt me.

Keep your voice warm. Don’t drink cold water. Don’t smoke fucking cigarettes. Do warm-ups.


I have never used the Melissa Cross DVDs ‘The Zen Of Screaming’, but I have heard a lot about her. I think she’s professional, but I know my body and I always try to learn it more. And if it will happen, like if I meet her, then why not? I also have my own lessons online which you can find via my website (here_.


If you want to get what I’ve got, then you need to work hard, my friend. No excuses. Just be honest and try to stay a man, not an animal.

Slaughter To Prevail‘s new full-length album, ‘Misery Sermon’, is out now through Sumerian Records.

You can order the album online now from iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

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