TRICKS OF THE TRADE: Starting A Band – Black Coast


Ever thought about starting a band? Don’t know how to get people to hear your music and can’t find anyone to book you? As Black Coast have put out their self-released debut EP ‘Crows of The North’ despite forming just last year, we got the melodic hardcore newcomers to dish out some advice on how to get started in the industry.


It helps if you can get a decent booking agent / manager, if not just play every show you can, chat to other bands and try and make as many connections as you can.


Make sure that it makes logistical sense and don’t be picky about where you play, especially if you’re still trying to get your name out there.


Get your gear serviced before you set out so you don’t look like an idiot when your amp is crackling on stage. Get all of the postcodes of the venue and have a general idea of where they are so you don’t end up getting lost and end up in a field. Respect your bandmate’s personal space, have a laugh and stock up on baby wipes.


Don’t rush from demos straight to recording your EP/album. Take your time and use them to work on the song until you’re 100% happy with it.


You have to keep up with social networking, try and keep a constant stream of posts to keep people interested, but not to the point where you’re posting a million times a day. Word of mouth is the way to go when it comes to promoting your band at shows.


Once again social media is one of the most effective ways of getting your music out there. Same goes with word of mouth as well. Also your Aunt Jean from Kent, horse drawn carriage, heat seeking missiles and messenger pigeons. Pretty much show it to everyone and post it about everywhere.

‘Crows Of The North’ is out now and you can buy it here. Make sure to follow the band on (Facebook) and (Twitter).

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