Modern metal trio Pteroglyph are back with their second album ‘Solaire’ that shows why their one of the UK’s most exciting heavy prospects. Originally formed as a solo project by lead songwriter and musician Jimmy MacGregor, the Leeds band have evolved with a full line-up and have played shows with the likes of SikTh and Sworn Amongst, as well as slots at Bloodstock and UK Tech-Fest.

To celebrate the release of the album, we spoke to Jimmy who picked out a host of songs that inspired him to create music.


This was the first Meshuggah track I ever heard, and it flipped everything I thought I knew about metal on its head. All I know is it’s 20 minutes of pure technical metal fury. The guitars are insanely heavy, the entire wall of force coming from the rhythm section is relentless and they’ve somehow managed to weave vocals all around it. It’s so ridiculously tight and snappy it makes me feel sick.


This song is a prime example of Gojira at their finest, it eases you in and before you know it, you’ve been hit in the face with a sledgehammer made of blast beats and incredibly powerful and dramatic riffs. The vocals are insane and a huge influence on my personal vocal approach, by using soaring melodies through pure anger. They take you along for the ride whether you like it or not. The whole ending section is simplistic yet effective metal, with everyone in the band playing their role perfectly into a groove laden outro of expansive power!


First time I heard these guys was around the time that the metalcore uprising was finally starting to die down! This band were a breath of fresh air, combining old school thrash elements with modern technical prowess and powerful, almost anthemic, choruses without resorting to cliché clean sung vocals. There’s a certain darkness to their sound and songwriting, which really resonates with me. Alongside having one of the best modern vocalist/guitarist/songwriters in the metal world right now, Sylosis are criminally underrated!


I’ve been to see Decapitated a few times and I’m always surprised by how quickly they can turn a crowd entirely feral! Vogg (Decapitated guitarist) is an absolute riff machine and another one of the modern great metal guitar players! The first half of this track is relentless and chaotic and then it makes way for what is most definitely one of my favourite metal riffs/sections of all time. Groove stomping punishment! As soon as I heard this track, I realised that I wanted to do that, inspiring and breathtaking!


I’ve been a huge fan of Devin Townsend’s music ever since I first heard ‘Detox’. He’s been an integral influence on my musical creativity and writing, as he always followed his own agenda and played by his own rule book with no compromise on his musical vision. This track is one of the most over the top and powerful tracks he ever recorded, insane pissed off vocals, blast beats from the get-go, huge expanded and stripped back sections, weird samples, big fat dirty groovy riffs! It has everything I love in my metal. He threw the kitchen sink at this….and then the rest of the house.

Pteroglyph‘s new album ‘Solaire’ is released on November 6th, via Blood Blast.

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