TRACK-BY-TRACK: Your Demise – Cold Chillin’

Following their recent departure from long-time label partners Visible Noise, British hardcore outfit Your Demise have decided to take a look back at their roots for their far more independent forthcoming EP release, ‘Cold Chillin’. In a 4-track blast which aims to be a little more rough around the edges than their previous outing, ‘The Golden Age’, guitarist Stu Paice gave us a track-by-track overview of the release and what to expect:

01.) Karma
We went into the writing process with the idea of making the EP more like the heavier songs from ‘The Golden Age’. This was the first song we wrote and had the heaviest riffs for. Myself and Ozzy ‘Danny Panic Lips’ Porkchop (guitar) wrote all the parts acoustically, which in hindsight hearing how heavy the song is, is just mental. We took the riffs we had into the studio and it came together incredibly fast. It took something like just an hour to get the basic structure, then we built it up from there. This is also the track that we’re about to record a video for. It’ll be out along with the free song download on January 17th.

02.) A Song To No One
This song is basically a song for us. It’s more up beat, as we like to fuck around with tempos and mix up what we do. It’s probably the only song on the EP with a real big chorus on it. ‘The Golden Age’ was all about the big chorus and we love writing and performing them, so it seemed fitting to throw a bit of ‘The Golden Age’ flavour into it. It’s still heavy and fast paced, but again stretching our songwriting.

03.) Nearly Home
This song is the darkest song on the EP, for sure. The chord progression to the breakdown just sounds kinda nasty. I’ve been listening to lots of Converge, Martyr AD, Disembodied, Entombed, etc. so it came pretty simple. Me and Oz actually pieced this song together in Japan, sitting in the street outside a venue in Nagoya. It was a riff that I’ve had since before writing ‘The Golden Age’, but thought it was too dark for, but with an octave over the top made it more YD. The breakdown at the end was actually Ed McRae‘s (vocals) initial idea. We were all in the studio and got to the point where we wanted to make it nasty. Ed came up with the chord progression then me, Oz and James Tailby (drums) moved everything into place. It definitely does what we wanted it to. I love it, it’s one of my favourite tracks we have ever produced.

04.) Just Like The End
This song started with a brief from Tailby: “Write a riff that sounds like The Offspring, so, that’s what we did. Well, the chorus was written with that in mind, then the opening came after and sounds pretty The Offspring. This song came together super easy, I had all of the riffs and when the ‘The Offspring‘ riff was written, it was just about adapting the other riffs to the tuning and key. It’s got a great singalong part at the end. Tailbee, Ed and Jag (producer, ex-guitarist in The Ghost Of A Thousand) came up with the phrasing and flow of the singalong. It works so well and really reminds us of so many different things; a bit Walls Of Jericho, then a bit Rancid. It’s just an awesome punky sing along. With the last line of the song, Ed blew out his voice as he did all four songs in a day. You can kinda hear it, but in the end decided to leave it as it’s kinda cool that it’s the last line on the EP.

‘Cold Chillin’ is released on February 7th 2013 through Pinky Swear Records/Impericon.

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