TRACK-BY-TRACK: Winter Gardens – Tapestry EP

Credit: Promo

Taking influence from 80’s post-punk, Brighton’s Winter Gardens create a shoegaze soaked, hazy dream-pop that they exude with raw punk energy punk. Speaking on their latest single from their new EP ‘Tapestry’, the band said: “‘Zigzanny’ is simply a fun, energetic ‘fairytale’ that centres around a very juvenile outlook on love and teenage fantasy.”

To celebrate the release of ‘Tapestry’, we caught up with Jim and Ananda from the band who took us on a track-by-track run through of the EP.

Jim: This was in fact the very first song Ananda and I wrote for WG, before starting the band I was in a math/punk band where I wrote and played intense, convoluted music, I didn’t really listen to many artists in that frenzied vein, it was a challenge, joy and an expression of energy at the time, but I craved another source of expression. I’ve always felt inspired by the dream pop and shoegaze I adore so much and how the music relies so heavily on atmosphere, production and texture. I had been writing and experimenting with sounds and layering on a looper, it was written during a rather forlorn point of my life & the music wrote itself, an interweave of bittersweet, tempestuous feeling.
Ananda: The lyrics are based on art, and how it can transpire into life. It is romantic, and it is repetitive. It is about opening yourself up to someone and really letting them see you, laid out bare on a ‘canvas’.

Jim: ‘Zigzanny’ is a bloody fun, fuzzy bop-along track that encouraged me to express oodles of joyous energy. I struggle to write the same song twice, as like every other human, we experience a whole spectrum of emotions, one sound simply doesn’t allow full utterance (in my opinion) – sounds reflect the feelings of a certain time, relation or emotion etc… Heavily influenced by an abundance of 70’s kraut rock & Stereolab, the song is simply two chords and a guitar solo (harmonised I may add \m/) – a route I never thought I would go down with my writing, it just all worked. The pop vocal melodies and saturated big muff bass are what makes ‘Zigzanny’. The synth was actually a last minute idea I had in the studio to add dynamic to simplistic structure and instrumental gap – any excuse to get the synth out. The thick, fuzzy synthetic keys really brought the song to life.
Ananda: You know when you’re 16 and you really fall for someone? It’s ridiculous, dramatic and lovely.
For this I was drawing on familiar emotions of fantasy, and how you perceive love when you’re a teenager. It is fun and light hearted; simply a love song

Jim: Relying on a series of effects pedals, I was exploring sounds that encouraged my imagination to flourish with adventurous images. Being a lover of film scores and soundtracks, I was swept into writing a piece of music that would compliment a story – whatever that interpretation may be, the full ark of a story, with feelings of accomplishment, redemption and sadness. I’m particularly proud of this track and would like to thank our producer/engineer Luke Marsden for his intuitive help with the programming, it does feel like it’s a little short, just as the song picks up… but perhaps there is more of this track to come hehe….

Jim: My most favoured song on this EP, Ananda and I pretty much wrote this in one go, the song encapsulates everything I adore about music and thrives through diversity in sound and feel, I wear my 90’s shoegaze heart on my sleeve here. The song is all about layers and textures, the only way I could hear ending this journey was with the twinkling emotive resonation of a piano.
Ananda: I’m not one to rely on the news outlets to keep clued up on current affairs. The media is horrendously biased and in a word – bleak. Jamie and I wrote this song of an evening and with the track these lyrics instantly came to mind and seemingly fit so perfectly. It’s hard not to be affected by what’s going on in the world, I think you have to disconnect yourself whilst still being present as there’s a constant fight, You must speak up for what you believe in and what is right.

Winter Garden’s new EP, ‘Tapestry’, is out now via Austerity Records.

You can stream the EP online via the band’s official BandCamp (here), Apple Music (here), and you can buy copies of the vinyl from the Austerity Records shop (here).

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