TRACK-BY-TRACK: Violet – The Brightside

Derby seven-piece Violet are fast becoming the band on everyone’s lips as of late, especially following their recent set at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival in Nottingham. The re-release of their latest EP ‘The Brightside’ is of course going to get the hype wagon rolling faster for the post-hardcore outfit too, so we got the lowdown of each of the release’s tracks from vocalist duo Johnny Nelson and Charlie Bass. So, sit down, and read just what these guys are singing about, what it means to them and how the EP came together:

01.) The Brightside
This is probably the most positive song that we’ve ever written. We feel it spreads a pretty good message and people seem to pick up on that. It’s about being with your friends and being happy with what you have. There’s a lot of negativity floating around these days, so I guess it’s our attempt to combat that. It’s got a good feel to it and it’s really good fun for us to play live too.

02.) Youth, And Those Who Keep It
The title of this track kind of explains the song. It’s about staying young at heart, something which we all firmly believe in. It’s just about growing up, dealing with what life throws at you and through it all coming out as the same person.

03.) …But You Have Heard Of Me
The title for this song is actually a quote taken from Pirates Of The Carribean. It’s just a pretty bold statement. The song just comes from different experiences in life and it kind of has the same feel to it as ‘Youth…’. It’s a pretty personal song to us, and it’s another one about growing up.

04.) Perspectives
The track ‘Perspectives’ is a conversation, that’s played out through Charlie‘s and Jonny‘s vocal parts. It’s about a relationship and the effect that it has on you and on your friends. A lot of people have a lot of nice things to say about this song, which is amazing. I guess people can relate to the lyrics; everyone’s been there before, so it works. This was our first real single and the response to it so far has been absolutely awesome.

05.) Seven For A Secret
This is about someone cheating and the feeling of being cheated on. Again, it’s a pretty personal song. The lyrics are pretty blunt and to the point. A lot of people can relate to it and it’ss got a really nice feel to it. It’s not one that we tend to play live often as it’s a little slow-paced, but hopefully one day we will get a decent sing-a-long going for it.

06.) Everyone Will Listen
This one is kind of about the band as a whole. It’s about making the world listen to us. Like ‘The Brightside’, it’s a pretty positive song.

07.) Just Like Summer
The title is a reference to 500 Days Of Summer. It’s about a girl, it’s about learning and it’s about moving on too. We’re pretty lucky in our lives, because whatever happens with girls and other things, we still have Violet to keep us moving forward. A few of our songs come from the same place.

08.) Away From Everything
It’s about a girl again. It’s kind of easy to write about girls and relationships, because it brings up strong emotions. Songs are always better when they’re real, and that’s what we always try to remember with every song that we write.

‘The Brightside’ is out now, and can be purchased physically from the Small Town Records webstore (here) or digitally on iTunes (here). You can also read our review of the album here.