TRACK-BY-TRACK: The King Is Dead – Once Upon A Burning House

Only forming towards the tail-end of 2012 and already securing a few thousand likes on Facebook, a slot at the North date of Slam Dunk Festival and a music video directing by Judd Wrighton (frontman of the now pretty much defunct The Ocean Between Us), it’s safe to say that Yorkshire based post-hardcore outfit The King Is Dead have had a great kickstart. Now, adding debut 5-track EP ‘Once Upon A Burning House’ to their list of achievements, we got the lowdown on each track from frontman Daneel Johnston upon its release:

01.) Once Upon A Burning House
We recorded the entire EP ourselves in our drummer’s bedroom. This intro is something that came about almost by mistake when we were thinking up ways that we could build up into an epic introduction. The lyrics are like a prologue to the rest of the EP, which tells the story of a shy kid with no one left in the world who burns down his home to escape all of the bad memories that he’s had there.

02.) Self Sabotage
As a band, this was the first song that we ever wrote and released. We changed up a few parts of it for the EP version, but it’s still raw, fast paced and hard hitting. Usually with our songs, one of us will write the core of the song and bring it to the rest who add their parts, tweak certain bits and put their own spin on things.

03.) Home
This song was written by our drummer Chris and it’s easily our most ‘pop’ song to date. Lyrics wise, this is the first time I’ve ever really put myself out there and written about something really personal. I grew up in a broken home and it’s something that has shaped my whole life. I’ve always been bitter about it, even though my life would probably have turned out much worse if my dad had actually been there. It’s something a lot of our fans can relate to though, and their reaction to this song in particular has been amazing. I can’t wait to play it live.

04.) Hell Or High Water
We released a video for this song a couple of months back. It’s a pretty angry song, but a lot of people have misconstrued the lyrics and thought it was about a girl when it isn’t. Omar and I wrote this one about family or friends who let you down when you need them most over and over until you’ve just had enough. The word ‘bitch’ was used in a Jesse Pinkman kind of way, haha.

05.) Losing Faith
This is easily our favourite song on the EP. We went crazy with the scary noises and effects, and it sounds like a nightmare in musical form. Omar wrote this one and you can hear his Stray From The Path and Pierce The Veil influences come out really well.

‘Once Upon A Burning House’ is released on May 17th 2013.