TRACK-BY-TRACK: The Decoy – Avalon

South Wales trio The Decoy impressed with their EP ‘Parasites’ and their debut full length record ‘Avalon’ continues just where they left off with catchy harmonies and challenging riffs. Fans of Arcane Roots and Press To Meco need to give it a spin, but not til after they’ve had a read of the band’s Track-By-Track rundown of what each song on ‘Avalon’ is about, to add some context to their listening.

If you’ve ever played ‘Fallout: New Vegas’, you’ll know that this song is just a reference to that universe. Fucking love me some wastelanding.

02.) COLD
This is a story all about how my life got flipped… (You sang it).

It’s about a can of coke, living in a fridge, talking to whoever’s gonna open the fridge and drink him. I used to feel sorry for recycling left out in the rain and it stems from that.

This is a song about playing too many games. It was fuel after I played ‘Bioshock Infinite’ (fucking great game) and discovered that people were so obsessed with it, they’d turned the main female character into a porno. Now that’s commitment in all the wrong ways.

This ones about a punch up I saw in Cwmbran. Title speaks for itself, really.

05.) KIDS
‘Kids’ is about life being awesome when you’re a kid and all curious as shit and learning shit. Growing up is not for everyone.

‘Breathe’ is about me being tall. I know I’m tall, I don’t need reminding.

07.) HABIT
‘Habit’ is like a take on The Police’s ‘Every Breathe You Take’ but in Pontypool. Noiiiicee.

08.) A MEZE
It’s about a place in Newport. Nowhere in particular. Images of people drunk and indoor smoking.

09.) LION
Lion is about the way the world is and just an opinion on it. There’s some reference to the Roman era in there. The world is a strange place. Plus plenty of use of the word cunt.

This is about just people pissing me off. Without going into specifics sometimes its just great to vent and write a song without making it too obvious, we can all identify with it that way. I love this band and I love my guitars. I chose this life, don’t let anyone else choose yours.

‘Avalon’ is out now via Ghoulish Records, and you can order it online digitally via iTunes (here)

Keep up to date with the band and what they’re up to via Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).

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