TRACK-BY-TRACK: Stand Alone – Stand Alone EP

Using their frustration and life experiences as a writing tool, Stand Alone have arrived with plenty to say in their angst filled melodic hardcore. The London-based band emotionally explore abandonment, grief and political agendas with an angry charisma packed with metal riffs and punk attitude. The guys talked us through their self-titled debut EP and how they’re encouraging their fans to bare their souls, hearts and minds just as they have.

Stand Alone
01.) SHORT SIGHTED (Lyrics by Steve Kerr):
Without going into too much information (as to not draw too much attention), this song was written about my biological father who over two relationships abandoned 5 sons. I never spoke much about my background or up bringing as a child so growing up I’ve had a lot of time to bottle these negative feelings up. This song acted as a release, a way to relive my head of some questions and feelings, to help put this behind me and moved on.

 (Lyrics written by Iain Stalker):
This song is about embracing the fact that there is no evidence for human purpose and trying to use that to our advantage rather than stifle opportunities with dogma.

03.) NO RESURRECTIONS (Lyrics written by Steve Kerr):
In a busy world where the rich are getting richer and post getting poorer, it’s easy to lose yourself in consumerism and living to work rather than working to live. This song takes a stab and the forces on top such as the bankers and government that keeps us all distracted and killing one another.

04.) STRIKE AN OLD POSE (Lyrics written by Iain Stalker):
This is about the endless trend of dictators in developing countries making the same mistakes and the people under their rule suffering for it…there are steps that can be taking but I was just trying to capture the frustration.

05.) A THOUSAND FATHERS (Lyrics written by Steve Kerr) :
My first major loss in this was when I lost my granded, he had a slow 8 years battling alzheimers and finally was gifted death when I was 19. This song explores my train of though through my grieving process, going through the motions as a man who had lost his father, mentor and friend.

06.) LUMBERJACKED (Lyrics by Steve Kerr):
In London we have a lot of homeless and a lot of hard drug users, and more often than not people who sit in both brackets. This song challenges you to think what you would do if you truly had nothing left, if you had to pick warmth or comfort over eating. Encourages you to be empathetic when you considering the lifestyles of people you haven’t even met yet.

Stand Alone promo
You can pre-order Stand Alone’s debut EP here ahead of it’s release on December 9th, and and you can keep up to date with the band on Facebook.

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