TRACK-BY-TRACK: She Must Burn – She Must Burn

London has been the setting for a hell of a lot of macabre and ghoulish stuff over the course of history; for one, it was the home to the murders caused by none other than the infamous Jack the Ripper himself. It seems one of the latest sinister spawnings from the capital of England comes in the form of She Must Burn, who recently delivered the darkness contained on their 6-track debut EP upon the world. We spoke with the band’s frontman Joe Sinclair to give us a bit more insight into the effort, and what each track is all about.

01.) Ascension

02.) Possesed
For us, this track is an emphasis on mental bonds and control, how some things that you see or feel for a second can take you over. People will see us andbassume we’re writing about evil, but that’s not it. We put our feelings into it. For Aimy and I, this track in particular was the biggest expression of the same emotions that we’ve shared; a real connection. This is why we made this track our second video track, as it means so much to the both of us.

03.) The Misery
This track for me… at the time I was going through struggles of who I was, and what others wanted me to be, hence the lyric, “Who is it that you want me to be?”. If you ever see us live, you’ll see that we mean what we put before you. No faking. The guys trust me to put down whatever I like onto whatever they write. They know how it makes me feel, and that’s what makes our band strong.

04.) Into Light
This song is about feeling incomplete and unfinished. Like you’re constantly searching for a spark to reignite your passion for your life. Once you get a small taste of what it’s like to finally feel good again, you don’t want to let it go.

05.) Wish To Exist
This is simply nicknamed ‘Wish…’ by us in the band. This song is purely about being alone, being broken, and not being able to see the light, hence the previous track, ‘Into Light’. At this time that I wrote the lyrics for ‘Wish…’, I was involved in something that wouldn’t allow me to go anywhere that I wanted to with this band. So, I let the negativity go, but through loss, hurt, and the loneliness I wrote this. I shout in this track. It’s how I feel about it.

06.) Eclipse
This is the first song that we ever wrote as a band, and our first release, all through poetry and again how both Aimy and myself really for the first time clicked and connected. This track is about being an observer of your own life, and how that makes you feel; actually stepping back and looking at all of the bad things you notice that you can’t stand about yourself. The bottom line is that we don’t hate ourselves, we just speak on our feelings and how we know everyone else feels from time to time. I hope our fans see that, and enjoy our music for more purposes than one.

‘She Must Burn’ is out now through Ghost Music, and you can purchase it online now digitally through the label’s BandCamp page (here), or you can purchase a physical copy via the band’s website (here).