Credit: Lee Barrett

Cambridgeshire outfit PSOTY (formerly known as Pet Slimmers Of The Year) have back with ‘Sunless’, recorded at Bandit Studios, where the band continue to evolve from its post-metal roots for their second full-length studio album.

The sophomore record is darker but still combines multi-layered guitars, hypnotic bass lines, crushing riffs, and groove oriented drum patterns for a distinctive take on the genre.

We caught up with the band for a track-by-track rundown of what to expect from the album.

This was the first track we wrote for the album from an early demo in late 2016. It began as an instrumental but Scott had vocal ideas for it lined up. This track is part complaint, part holding up a mirror – It’s all about greed and corruption and how it’s allowed to happen and how we accept it in so many forms. We used ‘Oil’ as an obvious connection to greed and wealth which all comes at a price to both people and the planet. As with a lot of our tracks with vocals, the music came first so the lyrics and theme had to feel like a barrage.

We wanted to use an ancient Greek theme/mythology angle through the album but not too literally. We used this title in reference to the story of Tartarus. Described as a “yawning void of chaos” and “a place so far from the earth. A dank and wretched pit engulfed in murky gloom” This fitted the theme for this instrumental piece perfectly – Heavy, chaotic, unrelenting and gloomy.

Originally two separate tracks, they followed the same feel so we decided to tweak them both and make them one epic track. The title again leaning on the ancient Greek theme of the Tartarus story but only in name. The lyrical content for this is all about self-discovery, struggle and failure. ‘The Watcher’ is a figurative primordial entity, the ‘big brother’, overseeing our trials and tribulations. This is a band favourite from the album and will be in our live set.

‘Acheron’ is described as the “river of Hades” or “border of Hell” in Greek mythology. This track ebbs and flows between ‘Watcher’ and ‘Queen of Hades’ and fits our theme perfectly. Is has an intentionally desperate and urgent feel to it despite being slow and provides a change of tone for the record. This was recorded as a stand-alone idea for another track but we decided to keep it as an instrumental breather for the album.

A slower, more melodic instrumental with this one. We wanted it to feel like a character or an entity in a way and bring the pace down a little but retain the heavy riffs we love. Title wise, we just liked the title and with ‘Acheron’ and ‘Charon’ sitting either side it felt like a good fit. This track is quite euphoric at times. It’s certainly the closest to a pleasant ending on this record.

The Charon are the shepherds of the dead. It’s a woeful and reflective track which ushers the previous track calmly forwards. This instrumental was again recorded as an idea for a larger track but we decided to stick with it as a clean composition. It’s spiritual twin to ‘Acheron’ which was written at the same time with both titles already chosen before the music was complete. These versions of the tracks are the original demos, remixed and remastered. After discussing it with Jonny (Renshaw – Bandit Studios) we thought the demos sounded exactly how we wanted and had the right feel so he mixed and mastered them into the record.

This is based on the Sisyphus Story – “The King of Ephyra, cursed by Zeus to roll a large boulder up a mountainside only to have it fall back down again, forever”. We used the futility of the story as the basis for the lyrical content. Effectively, the struggles of humanity perpetuated by ourselves which we fail to address, leading us to our eventual end. Sounds melancholic but this has some uplifting melodies which balance the mood out. This was written in two parts with the end piece being a part Scott had written years before as a stand alone track. Proves you should never throw anything away!

This plays on the ‘Camera Obscura’ principle. The theme for this is the narcissistic and vacuous nature of social media – Feeding the media machine with imagery, as it were. Lyrical content is based on the idea that you should look at yourself more closely and consider your actions. This is the closing track and incidentally the last track we completed before heading to the studio (literally about 2 weeks before). We had a few other tracks in mind at the time so we had to pick our favourite and get it finished.

PSOTY‘s new album, ‘Sunless’, is out on September 13th 2019 via Candlelight Records, and you can pre-order it from various outlets (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook and Twitter.