TRACK-BY-TRACK: Perception – Monolith

Perception are all over the place when it comes to their metal influences. We’re talking everything from Underoath to Monuments but the Oxfordshire band still maintain that fresh and exciting unique sound that we hope for from all bands. Having released their debut EP ‘Collapse last year and playing shows with Create To Inspire, While She Sleeps and the rest of the UK hardcore scene, Perception are ready to unveil their sophomore effort Monolith. We caught up with the band for a track by track rundown of what to expect from their new release.

‘Strive’ is one of the more unusual tracks we’ve written as a band, in particularly the way it uses ambient guitar layers and drone like post-rock style chords instead of the fast, notey riffs that were a key feature to our first EP. Lyrically, this song loosely tackles the issue of mental illness and paranoia; talking about the deviations between the realities of different people and states of mind.

Lyrically, ‘Defy/Dismay’ talks about the issue of environmental destruction and mankind’s refusal to come to terms with the catastrophe that is unfolding. One of the heavier songs on the EP, it strays into areas we’ve never been before, utilising blast beats, hardcore style drum patterns and exploring down-tuned groove territories. It finishes with an atmospheric, electronic interlude which leads into Survive. .

‘Survive’ outlines the experience and the struggles surrounding the tragic and sudden loss of a loved one. Lyrically it takes a journey through the initial despair, a desperate struggle with mental health, the sudden realisation that as human beings we can be incredibly fragile and finally a message that we all must promote, practice and encourage self care, self love and kindness to ourselves and others.

In a similar vein to ‘Defy/Dismay’, the first single from the EP focuses on humanity’s perpetual denial to acknowledge and confront the problems it is responsible for. We have a responsibility for this planet and the living beings on it and the neglect we show it is only exacerbating the situation. Musically the most technical song on the EP, it demonstrates the heaviest sections, melded with atmospheric guitars, displaying a clear change from the first EP.

The last track on the EP talks about the aftermath of personal loss. It explores the feelings of blame, despair and loneliness you feel when you lose those you love and most rely on. Lyrically, it pairs itself as the negative partner to Survive, in a mindset where all you feel is emptiness and you’re constantly searching for closure for your loss. When writing it, we wanted the interlude section to feel like the end and in a weird turn for the end to feel uncomfortably sudden and although some people might not like it, it’s how it’s meant to sound, representing how lives can end suddenly and how even though it may seem like the end, it’s not.

‘Monolith’ is available on March 9th and you can pre-order it online via Perception‘s BigCartel (here).

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