TRACK-BY-TRACK: Next Stop Atlanta – The Things You Do Best

America has always been considered the place that does pop-punk right and with justice, with very few British bands able to pull it off and stand strong against our transatlantic peers. However, from the surprising depths of the Preston underground, female-fronted quartet Next Stop Atlanta are flying the flag proud for the UK’s pop-punk scene. With a new mini-album out a few short weeks ago, we got the lowdown on the release and each track from the band’s vocalist Georgia Peters. Here it is:

01.) 0.30
This track opens the mini-album, as we wanted a short sample to incite the listener from the second they hit play. It’s 30 seconds of police and ambulance sirens, accompanied by an erie sounding child’s music-box. We aimed to make the listener even more anxious to hear what will follow. Nik recorded the song at home as we ran out of money/time in the recording studio with Dan Lancaster (producer Lower Than Atlantis, Don Broco) and couldn’t afford to record it there. Tough times, ha!

02.) Always With The Drama
The song blasts straight into life as the fellas (Nik – guitar, Blake – bass, Ant – drums) set the tone and pace for the rest of the record. This song was written before any of the others and took the least time time to track in the studio. It’s great to play live as it’s so full of energy. The content of the song focusses on the daily struggles we all encounter; all the drama and negative vibes that we all try to overcome.

03.) I’m Not Morrissey
This is the first single, with a music video circulating online now (embedded below). This is my favourite song on the record. I connect with this song the most. It’s about us as a band standing up for ourselves and saying; “This is who we are. We are not contrived or trying to be something or someone we are not”. We get a few comparisons, which we expect. This song is stating, look and listen a little closer before judging.

04.) Get In The Van
We wrote this song shortly after coming off tour with our friends in Kids Can’t Fly. We challenged each other to see who could get the most people in their van. Health and Safety breaches right there. It’s safe to say we were both losers. The song is about being on the road and sharing tour experiences, not knowing what to expect on a daily basis and being pleasantly surprised 95% of the time. It can be challenging on the road, but we always seem to have a great time.

05.) Perfection
We debated weather or not to put this on the new record, as an acoustic version of it features on our debut EP. We feel we made the right choice to include it. The full band version gives the song a whole new perspective musically. The song is about being told that you’re not good enough and you will never catch a break or reach your goals. We are really proud of this song. Tracking it in the studio and hearing it come to life with all vocal harmonies and intricate guitar parts got us super excited for the release.

06.) Light The Beacons
The title comes from a Lord Of The Rings movie quote that Family Guy borrowed. We interpreted it as, stand your ground and defend what you believe in. That is what this track is saying. The context of the song highlights bureaucracy and political gain in the UK. We’re not a political band, so this is as outspoken as we get. We wrote the song after watching the riots that enfolded in the UK last year. We wanted to create a bold, striking song that people could relate to. Hopefully we’ve achieved that.

‘The Things You Do Best’ is out now, and can be purchased digitally on iTunes (here). You can also read our review of the album here.