TRACK-BY-TRACK: Luke Rainsford – World In Colour

Credit: Promo

Birmingham based emo/punk artist Luke Rainsford has managed to acquire quite the fanbase over the years with his music, and this all comes down to his relatability and the vulnerable nature of his material.

On his second EP, ‘World In Colour’, Rainsford has many stories and emotions laid bare, and he’s been kind enough to reveal them further us in a track-by-track breakdown of the EP.

01.) TIP TOE
This is a song about the early stages of a casual relationship. The pure, unbridled joy of learning new things about a person, and just enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other. I was heavily inspired by bands such as Pegasus Bridge, Weezer, and Motion City Soundtrack for this song. I wanted to keep it fun, upbeat, but also incorporate some of my most “rocky” elements yet, such as with heavily distorted guitar riffs, a guitar solo, and guitar harmonies. The key theme for this song was “more is more”, with so many additional layers and extras that are very over the top compared to the production I would normally have for my music.

02.) LACK
For this release, I wanted to explore different sounds, and different songwriting methods. This is a rare example of me writing music first, and vocals afterwards. Lyrically, this song deals with the grief from losing my mother a few years ago, and how grief is something that never truly heals. It delves into me trying to replace bad coping mechanisms for my mental health (such as self harm, and heavy drinking) with other things, such as casual sex (but referenced in a darker manner than in the joy of the last song), but how they all tended to be equally as damaging for me. I liked the idea of these dark lyrics over an upbeat, summer style pop song. Musically, I took a lot of influence from LANY, The Japanese House, and 5 Seconds Of Summer, as well as Waterparks and Say Anything. I wanted to let in influences from bands even outside of what I listen to, just to allow these songs to be anything they needed to be.

One problem I noticed with a lot of music, especially in emo, is it is very misogynistic. This is something I even have unintentionally contributed to with projects when I was a teenager. I think an important responsibility for everyone, especially cis men, is to learn to take accountability and actually work on improving yourself. This song is about apologising, and actually learning from a mistake and using it to develop as a person. Everybody has the capacity to hurt people, and it is up to us to always strive to do better, and be better. This song is about hurting someone you care about emotionally, and being willing to do whatever it takes to improve and learn from the situation. Musically, I was very inspired by bands such as This Wild Life, and ‘Pretty. Odd.’ era Panic! At The Disco.

04.) FRAME
I have been playing this song live since 2016, and it has always been so special and touching to me how many people have told me how much this song means to them. Due to this, and also with how special this song is to me, I wanted to give this song the production it deserved. This song is about the hopelessness of my lowest points. I wrote this song when I was on anti-depressents, when I was self harming a lot and stuck in a cycle of drinking on my own, and staying isolated and introverted in my old bedroom on my own. I had made several attempts to take my own life, and I had no interest in developing myself as a person, and didn’t see myself living past 21. This song will always be special to me, as not only did I prove that old self wrong, I have been able to be there for so many people who feel the same, and that is the very reason music is so important to me. It will never be about numbers, sales, or ticket sales to me, but just about knowing that I have been able to write music that someone, somewhere, has felt helped them. That is a huge honour for me, and one that I will always be thankful for.

His second EP, ‘World In Colour’, is out now via Scylla Records.

You can stream/download the EP online via Spotify (here), iTunes (here), and Google Play (here).