TRACK-BY-TRACK: InMe – Jumpstart Hope

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Iconic Essex rockers InMe are back with ‘Jumpstart Hope’, their follow up to 2015’s ‘Trilogy: Dawn’ and their seventh full-length record. Vocalist Dave McPherson‘s experiences with mental health have fuelled the emotional rock and metal release.

“I’ve been mentally ill for longer than I care to remember & suffer with life-affecting issues like crippling anxiety, addiction & severe insecurities,” said the InMe founder. “This latest form of InMe has kept me afloat, and the music speaks for itself. Everything would’ve crumbled without the support of my band mates, and they’ve inspired me to get better when I’m at my worst. They’re also absolute geniuses, and this album is, in some ways, another chapter in my story of survival.”

We got a track-by-track lowdown from Dave who has let us all in on how ‘Jumpstart Hope’ came to be.

This is an honest ode to self-loathing whilst also being a song about loving someone so much you believe they are the one. ‘Blood Orange Lake’ evolved a great deal from its initial form, starting out as a strange electronic song I had been working on, and then it became something else and after many iterations became an InMe demo. At that point my brother (Greg) got hold of it and kept all the good qualities of the song, then we developed the lyrics and stripped them back to their core meaning. It’s a crazy, heavy, brutal love song.

This is a song about constantly singing about someone to the point of mental excess, and promising that the next song is going to be the last one I write about that person, the guys ran with this from the demo I made and painted their melodies all over it to make a much bigger sound, a big anthem that’s also quite heavy in its own way. ‘The Next Song’ is pop catharsis for me.

I remember looking up at the stars and just, waiting, for something to happen, and then it felt like it wrote itself. It builds in a way most songs don’t, a strange structure that. This is a really emotional song for me that feels like a release of all that unused energy I have been wondering what to do with. The boys have really brought this to life with their amazing musicianship and this is the song that changed the least from demo to album.

04.) I SWEAR
This was the first song intentionally written for ‘Jumpstart Hope’ – I wanted to try this big riffy thing that harkens back to ‘Overgrown Eden’ guitar work that is also very melodic. There were several re-writes for this one from Greg before it found its form. The vocal melodies for this song were written by Greg using a poem I had written for him – the song itself is a confession, about admittance of fault and owning my own guilt. It has this happy metal feel whilst also drawing on mine and Greg’s influence from Vision Of Disorder – ‘Imprint’, an album that helped shape both our metal tastes.

This song is a pure and blunt apology, a slow and brooding song carried by the lyrics and the emotion of it. I’m super impressed with Greg’s backing vocals on this, the writing he has done really adds a warmth and meaning to the song, and the album. This song, more than most, feels like one band one sound, and is the most personal and cutting song, lyrically, on the album.

This song was initially very heavy, crazy tech almost, and Greg stripped it back with his re-structuring and re-writing and it really worked. I love the space, something that Greg put throughout the album was space but it really shows here. Honestly I couldn’t put into words why I like this song, but I love it, and that is a very interesting thing for me. There is an overall warm vibe that I absolutely adore, and I also think its some of Gazz’s best work on the album on lead guitar, which really brings the chorus to life.

07.) ALONE
This is a weird, distorted and deformed track and was the first song Greg and I demoed together, I am extremely glad I surrendered full song writing duties but it was a hard process to get used to.
This is 100% the most collaborative album InMe has ever made, and we were brutal with ripping apart a song. It’s a song about the best times and beyond of your life, the twilight of the high life and perhaps a look back on what I had and lost.

This song was written mostly by Greg with just the verse written by myself, I was in a very bad way when writing this album and Greg has really taken control of the ship and helped me write songs I love again. I have been in such a bad way that I have wanted the metaphorical rogue wave to wash me away and that really is what this song is about, discussing my dwelling on the past and the loneliness I have constructed and found myself in.

This is the only song really that has fully survived the writing sessions from before ‘Jumpstart Hope’ with Tom joining was confirmed. It feels like a movie score and was the first song Andy Wilson-Taylor performed the orchestration for, and we are all fairly set on him being a part of InMe in the studio from here on! His work is amazing and we are extremely blessed to have him on board. ‘Ancestry’ feels like a movie score and is a song that begs for all that I have lost to come back.

10.) SHAME
‘Shame’ is the craziest metal song that InMe have done, a proggy soup of insane musicianship and riff central. It is very profound and poignant emotionally and lyrically, and its nice to end the album on such a mad beast that brutally addresses my personal shame, the whole album is very honest lyrically but it is about being ashamed of yourself. There’s no bullshit, it is about being ashamed. A huge end the album I am most proud of.

If you want to see the band performing tracks from the ‘Jumpstart Hope’ live, you can find all of their forthcoming UK dates listed below.

JANUARY 19 – BRIDGWATER, Cobblestones
JANUARY 20 – CHELTENHAM, Frog and Fiddle
JANUARY 21 – SWANSEA, The Bunkhouse
JANUARY 23 – CHESTER, Live Rooms
JANUARY 26 – LONDON, Boston Music Rooms

‘Jumpstart Hope’ is out on January 17th 2020 via Killing Moon Records.

You can pre-order the album online from the band’s official webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).