TRACK-BY-TRACK: Hopes Die Last – Trust No One

Quickly becoming one of Italy’s hottest new exports, post-hardcore quintet Hopes Die Last are at the doorstep of releasing their sophomore full-length effort, ‘Trust No One’, via Standby Records. Bringing a far more finely-tuned sound and refining themselves strongly after the band’s debut ‘Six Years Home’, we caught up with frontman Daniele Tofani to talk us through the album track-by-track, discussing lyrical ideas and more:

01.) Never Trust The Hazel Eyed
This is the first song of the album, and it was written by our guitarist Marco Mantovani. From the very first listening you notice that it immediately starts leading our us to explore more tightened rhythms and new riffs, which are very different from our previous works. The lyrics are about a classic tale of friendship: when a very close friend of yours screws up your relationship and the reciprocal respect for stupid reasons, and it evolves in the moment when he understands that he has fucked up everything and it’s too late to step back.

02.) Sidney Shown
This is the first song that we wrote for the album. The lyrics describe the period right after the end of a relationship between a man and a woman: the moment when, the man in this case, after a period of apathy, depression, emptiness and self-pity, realises how much time has been wasted and how many energies he has implied and he understands that it’s time to take back his life. The title has nothing to do with the lyrics. It’s the name of a character in the movie Rock N Rolla, which is a movie we all liked… and that’s where we got the name from.

03.) Unleash Hell
This is one of the songs that we’re most proud of on this record. The inspiration for it came from the TV series Persons Unknown, which all of us used to watch, so we decided to entirely dedicate the lead track of our new album to it.

04.) Life After Me Life After You
After a serious loss in my family, I’ve tried to emphasise with what a dying person can think about a few seconds before the destiny snatches his/her from his/her beloved ones. This is how the lyrics for ‘Life After Me Life After You’ were born. For the music part, I’ve followed in ‘Six Years Home’‘s footsteps, but adding a bit of violence. In the arrangement phase, the rest of the guys in the band completed the piece off.

05.) The Blue
This is just an intermission made by me and Becko (bassist, clean vocalist).

06.) Bill’s Got Only A Pair Of Queens
Contrary to what you may think by reading the track title, poker actually has nothing to do with this song, but we like to play with titles, making up contrasts and confusing interpretations. The text was taken by a poetry written by a friend of us and it’s essentially a love song, even if the music would suggest the complete opposite.

07.) This Song Plays Suicide
This song was written after a terrible accident happened in our city: a boy who we used to know who has tragically committed suicide. The lyrics were written by Marco, who tried to rebuild in the music what the boy may have been feeling, his fears and thoughts, before finding the strength to kill himself. This song was supposed to be on our last album, ‘Six Years Home’, but we decided to keep it for the next album, and now here it is.

08.) Air Raid Siren
Accompanied by a base very fast and powerful, the lyrics of this song lead us to the earth after the apocalypse, where everything is destroyed and the olny things that matter are remembrance and the hope to create a new future one day.

09.) Firework
For this one, you should ask Katy Perry, or better still, whoever wrote the song for her.

10.) The Same Old Fear
We love to experiment with new sounds and styles, and this is another example of that. It’s a voice/piano ballad, masterfully performed by our friend Jimmy. It talks about the repentance that strikes you when you know that you’ve made a woman suffer. It was written by Marco a few days after the release of ‘Six Years Home’ and we always liked it, but since it was too late to add it to the that album we kept a hold of it for this one.

11.) Icarus
This is one of the most ambient and desperate songs on the album for sure. In the final outro, we added a load of choruses and strings sections to help bring that urgency out. The lyrics were taken from some poetry that was written by my girlfriend. We rearranged the words together with the music and it was surprising the way the piece worked immediately very well.

12.) Keep Your Hands Off
This is our second work with our friend Nekso. After ‘Here Comes Nero’, we decided to experment again with something that soundend more electro/dubstep-like, and we inserted this piece that is very dissociated from the general look of the record. We wrote some kickass lyrics to give a surplus value to the this kickass song. We love working with Nekso, so expect us to come out with some new insane shit together with him again in the near future.

‘Trust No One’ is out on February 14th 2012 on Standby Records. You can also read our review of the album here.