TRACK-BY-TRACK: High Rise – Left It For Everything

Into Beartooth, Of Mice and Men and Bury Tomorrow? Then get your ears around London melodic metalcore mob High Rise who you have may have caught out on tour with Lock & Key or Press To Meco, or even at Scala club night Facedown. We caught up with the newcomers to get a track-by-track run down of their brand new EP ‘Left It For Everything’ to get a full insight into the brains of the young band.

The name ‘Hands Untied’ was an idea born from a discussion some of us were having once about how everyone has some sort of power to be able to help someone that really needs it but whether they choose to do so or not is up them. It’s not like they are bound and restricted and can’t do anything about it, by not doing anything about it they are part of a problem. It’s the smallest things that can make the biggest effect. You could say the track echoes a message of how the hands of the privileged are stained with ignorance to a problem they have an ability to solve and choose not to. The song primarily is based around choice and realisation – if we all realised that we can all help each other, we would all then realise how we can all achieve great things and live in a very comfortable place. Like how Uncle Ben once put it.. “With great power comes great responsibility”.

‘Piece By Piece’ is about not giving up, no matter how many times everything around you comes crashing down, you have to pick up those pieces and start again otherwise you will stay down. It’s about ignoring the odds, taking risks and to just keep going even stronger and more relentless than before. It’s about not listening to anyone that says you can’t, ignoring the ones that bring you down and hold you back, ignoring insults and using everything and everyone around you to your advantage to find yourself and discover how great you really are. It’s also about giving back, helping someone the same way you were given help. One lyric in particular sums this up, “On the shoulders of giants we see further than ever before”, inspired by a quote from Isaac Newton that he used in a letter to his rival Robert Hooke. He was telling him how his rival did a great job and how he paved a clearer path for further discovery. He goes on to mention how the way he has always progressed is by standing on the shoulders of giants. We were inspired by this because it made us realise that even the most clever and important people in history also sometimes needed help, and how important it is that even today you do need the help of others and to not be afraid to ask for it or accept it.

‘Reborn’ was inspired by a discussion we had about how some people live their life very destructively and how it’s become more of a habit for them than a choice. We realised that when everyone is young we do look at life with a really hazey perception of the world, mostly that everything is going to be good and fine if we follow this particular path laid out for us. Unfortunately along the way some discover this path isn’t for them, some leading them to live very destructive life styles in the process of this discovery. “We take it back to when we were young, to realise what we have become” is a lyric meaning that if we were looking at our child selves what would we say to ourselves and what advise would we give. It’s also about being reborn in your mind and becoming the change you want/need. It’s about looking at certain things you don’t like in a different light, because when you want something to change, it’s better to change the way you look at things because then you find the things you’re looking at will change.

04.) L.I.F.E
The title track of the EP is the calmest and slowest track on the record. We were focused on writing something with quite a lot of meaning, not as heavy as the others but with just as much power and emotion. Lyrically we wanted to achieve something that rounded off life in general – what is it about, the way people live their life day to day and when it’s all said and done what do we all really want and what do we all really need. The main question we asked ourselves was “Are we living life in a way that makes us happy or are we moving forward due to necessity even if it hinders our happiness?” The track is about waking up to your own reality and looking at things from afar. It’s about not being afraid to drop and leave everything behind to start a new life somewhere else. It’s about having that courage to just get up and go but also realising that it’s not running away and that you are only moving forward because when it’s all over it is only your own life you have lived, no one else’s.

‘Vultures’ is based on the idea that in every aspect of your life there is always somebody trying to take advantage of you or what you have. It’s about how your boss wants you to devote your life to your work for little reward. It’s about how corporations want to fleece you out of all of your money. It’s about how the nanny state is limiting all of our lives. It’s about all these things and more, a general f-you to anything that’s got in the way of you making your life what you want it to be. The vultures are there waiting for you but you can come to the realisation that you can stand up and say “no, this not how I want to live, I want to live a different life.”

‘Left It For Everything’ is out on September 16th and you can order it online digitally via iTunes (here).

Keep up to date with the band and what they’re up to via Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).

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