TRACK-BY-TRACK: Harbinger – Paroxysm

Introduce yourself to the heaviest new band in tech metal, Harbinger; London’s brand new attack on the world of melodic death metal. The talented prowess of the guitar work combines with the ferocious vocals to pile-up the impact, but the meaning behind the songs are all set in the lyrics. We caught up with the band to talk about each track on their new EP ‘Paroxysm’ to find out what fuels their songwriting.

This song is about about having a hatred for deceit. There are always stories about the government covering up some sort of scandal and being dishonest to the public, and this extends down to everyday people who are rewarded in society for keeping face when the right thing to do would be to admit they messed up.

‘Falsifier’ is a deeper look into the thoughts of a liar. Honesty, compassion, and truth are not the qualities of the people in charge of our society. In a society that rewards the sneaky, manipulative and dishonest, it’s difficult to sometimes rationalise why we bother trying to conform.

‘Instruments Of Guilt’ starts by looking into the critique of creative works. It essentially explains that it is within no one’s right to provide throw away critiques of people’s creations. It’s okay to be constructive but throw away, unjustified comments can negatively effect someone’s confidence and lead them to a creative dead end.

In the second half of the song, we talk about how negative critiques and small throw away comments can go round and round inside your head, and sometimes it can be hugely destructive to both the creative process and your own mind.

‘Survival’ is an extension of a vivid nightmare Thom once had. It’s about having the will to survive no matter how bad the situation may be. In the end, it may turn out that you are actually a cure for something awful, you are one of a kind but you have to let go to save people.

This song was written off the back of the Paris attacks at the Bataclan. The song looks at both sides of the coin, firstly that we think it’s horrible that innocent people get demonised for things they had nothing to do with just because of their religion or colour of their skin. Secondly from the other side of the coin, the media spinning stories to demonise these people and how everything is controlled by the government who rage wars and bloodshed to profit the already very rich. Essentially it’s a social commentary on the disparity between government control and the working man, as well as commenting on the fact that just because someone has decided to follow a certain religion, doesn’t mean that they’re responsible for a small minority with extreme views. We take an atheist/deist stance, but we do however believe that people should be free to practise religion without persecution from media, the public, or the government.

‘A Fractured World’ is all about oppression and a hatred towards racism/sexism, in fact any sort of discrimination. But even though the right wing are coming out of their shell more, the liberal are becoming more liberal and from our position, the western world is becoming a lot more accepting of difference. Yes, countries in Africa still outlaw gay marriage, but the world superpowers are taking huge steps towards more liberal ideals, but for the moment, there is a lot of work to be done to free the world of persecution.

‘Paroxysm’ is out on June 3rd 2016, and you can pre-order it from the band’s store (here).
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