TRACK-BY-TRACK: From Sorrow To Serenity – Remnant Of Humanity

Since their successful debut EP ‘Antithesis’ back in 2013, From Sorrow To Serenity have been touring the UK and making friends as the track listing for brand new record testifies, with guest vocals from CJ McMahon, Aaron Matts and Scott Kennedy. We caught up with the Scottish tech metal newcomers to take us through each track on ‘Remnant Of Humanity’ to find out what their first full-length album is all about.

‘Hellbound’ is very much open to interpretation. What, or who, do you hate most in the world? Whether it’s an individual in your personal life, the governing body you live under, or the religion you had crammed down your throat – these lyrics will relate to how you feel about them.

‘Forsaken’ addresses the issue of previous generations leaving us in the state we are in today. Left to pick up the pieces and desperately attempt to fix the mistakes that they made, we never had a chance from the start.

With ‘Break The Mould’ we wanted to show that the path you choose is your decision and yours alone. In a world where we fall in to our designated place, without question or thought, breaking from the mould is a conscious effort and a decision that you must make for yourself. The future is yours to create, don’t allow yourself to be held back by anyone or anything.

Our message with ‘Illusive’ is simple. For as long as you and I, the average Joe’s, the 99%, the people, sit back and do nothing in a system we know to be broken, those in control will continue to abuse their power, waging wars and murdering thousands of innocents; thriving in our apathy. The blood is not only on the hands of those in control – but on the hands of all who have allowed that control to slip away. Will you continue this way? Or will you wake up and accept the painful truth – the blood is on your hands.

With this track we pose the question to the listener – What kind of person are you? Which path will you choose to take? Every decision you make defines you. Some can linger with you forever, in regret, and there are questions every person must ask themselves, and ultimately answer for in their life. There’s a divide in the people of the world, which side are you on?

A short follow-up to ‘The Divide’. Choose your side.

We take a look at religious creed with this one. Fans of ‘Antithesis’ will enjoy this re-visit of the subject.

The concept of ‘Prosthetic Eyes’ is that we are given our sight, like a prosthetic limb. We’re given our perspective and our opinions by someone else and told ‘that’s the way to be’. So many only see what they’re told to see, what they’re ‘allowed’ to see, and ignore that which doesn’t affect them directly or provides an alternate outlook from another perspective. We box ourselves in to the common misconception that everything is alright, and that’s exactly why everything is not alright. We’re lying to ourselves. The world is losing sight, and it’s up to us, the people, to show it the way.

Despite the odds, it’s not too late to change our ways and fix what we’ve become. Leave the path to destruction that humanity has taken, and find the way back.

‘From Sorrow To Serenity’ is out on April 22nd 2016, and you can pre-order it from the band’s BigCartel webstore (here).
Keep up to date with the band via Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).

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