TRACK-BY-TRACK: Cutting Teeth – Fracture/Decompose

Credit: Olli Appleyard

Though with the instant global accessibility to music it seems that more and more new bands are cropping up, it also means that only a few in those waves are gems. Cutting Teeth are one of them.

After laying the groundwork and finding their feet in last year’s aptly titled debut EP, ‘First Cut’, the Leeds quartet have returned with more confidence in their stride with its 6-track follow-up, ‘Fracture/Decompose’.

We got a track-by-track lowdown from guitarist Adam Jones about each and every song on the EP, giving us a much closer look into what ‘Fracture/Decompose’ is all about.

This is a song based around rage and anger. It matches the music; a frantic, intense decision. It’s the inner-dialogue, which I suppose is the theme to this EP, that there’s an inner turmoil, but, in this situation, it’s trying to decide how you want to move forward with that. How society isolates you in a lot of situations, hence the line, “You never gave a fuck.” Fun Cutting Teeth fact, that’s the second time we’ve used an expletive in a song. Edgy.

Contemplation. A song asking the same questions you always ask yourself, getting in that infinite loop that leads to a negative headspace. Am I trapped in this through my emotions, or am I just not pushing myself more? The line “Am I growing thicker skin, or are you deeply sinking into a state of decline?” kind of sums up the song in that it is just, trapped in this constant loop.

Mortality. The morbid outlook on life but also a way to encourage yourself to power on through. For this song, we brought in our friend Rob Kirk from 99% Cobra/The Escape Artist, who kind of acts as the secondary voice you may fight with on the daily, or only occasionally. Kind of a devil on the shoulder in a way, something to punch back against and fire yourself up to fight.

This is a song that makes you feel like you’re swimming against the current. As a song, it’s a fast, 3-minute blast of hardcore punk, and the lyrics reflect in the sense that you’re going against the norm. This is the feeling of going against what you find conventional and challenging it, and trying to find something different, no matter the cost. Kind of why we had the scream in before the breakdown at the end, the entire song builds this fast, intensity, and then at the end, it breaks down into just a scream of relief.

Inspiration. This is meant to be like, a frantic anthem in a way. The entire way this song was structured was meant to tell that story of juxtaposition. One second you’re on this path, then you’re jumped to the next intense feeling, then the next, then you’re back to normal, then it switches again. Are you going to end up on the happy path, or are you going to go back to a different path? Which brings us onto…

Isolation. The entire EP is based around that isolation in a way, but this song really tackles it head on. Unfortunately, this is a headspace too many people we know have experienced. The desperate cling to life. We really wanted this song to stand out from anything that we’d released before, and we think that musically, and the way that the vocals are pushed back in the mix, it kind of gets across the desperation that people feel on the cusp of doing something they’ll regret. Lyrically, it’s quite morbid, but to us, it was the only option to close the EP with this song.

If you want to capture the band performing tracks from the EP live, including at their all-dayer EP launch show tomorrow, you can find all of their forthcoming UK dates listed below.

NOVEMBER 23 – LEEDS, Temple Of Boom (EP launch show)
NOVEMBER 28 – CHELTENHAM, The Frog And Fiddle *
NOVEMBER 29 – LONDON, Boston Music Room *
DECEMBER 01 – PLYMOUTH, The Junction *
DECEMBER 05 – SHEFFIELD, Corporation *
JANUARY 27 – NEWCASTLE, Head Of Steam ^
JANUARY 28 – MANCHESTER, The Star & Garter ^
JANUARY 29 – HULL, O’Rileys ^
JANUARY 31 – CARMARTHEN, The Golden Lion ^
FEBRUARY 01 – BRIDGEWATER, Cobblestones ^
FEBRUARY 02 – LONDON, 229 The Venue ^

* = Supporting Black Tongue.
^ = Co-headline with Raiders.

Cutting Teeth‘s second EP, ‘Fracture/Decompose’, is out now.

You can order the EP online from the band’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.