TRACK-BY-TRACK: Create To Inspire – Sickness

Credit: Promo

Still riding the melodic hardcore success wave since their excellent EP ‘Halfway Home’, Essex boys Create To Inspire have just released their debut full-length record, ‘Sickness’. The aggressive yet emotional innovation on the record is sure to see the band reach heights they’ve never seen, so we wanted to get acquainted with the record early doors. Sean and Dan filled us in with the story behind each song in this new track-by-track guide.

01.) AGONY

Dan: This song is about a girl, but isn’t really your typical love song, though some would argue to vibe to the music itself is somewhat ballad-ish. This girl is somebody I care an unfathomable amount about, and though we lived miles and miles apart, I’d still have to speak to her every day. Some days we’d talk about music, some days we’d talk about our favourite movies, some days I’d be up to the early hours of the morning trying to soothe anxiety and panic attacks, and, at worst case, trying to convince her not to take her own life. The fear of waking up the next day and not having anymore of those messages from her terrifies me to this day, and I needed to write a song that encompasses that fear, for the both of us.


Dan: The first song we had written for this album, which you can tell if you reference it back-to- back with our older material. But I didn’t write the lyrics for this song until we sat down to demo Sean’s vocals months later. I went through a period of consistent meaningless flings and ‘relationships’ with girls, and over that year or so, I became incredibly heartless and disregarded any feelings any of these girls had. In a way, this song is an apology to anybody that I may have hurt during this time, but more so; it’s the realisation that it takes courage to be able to look in the mirror and admit that you hate the person you see looking back at you, and I feel I never truly changed until I did exactly that.


Sean: One of the last songs to be written for the album, we knew we wanted to try and focus on branching out from whatever genre we were forced into. I feel that this song definitely shows more of our stronger influences that we were listening to when writing this. Our manager at the time was also involved in the writing process for this song, which was different for us considering we’ve never had an outside ear involved in our writing sessions.

04.) LOSS

Sean: It’s inevitable to lose close friends and family due to illness or old age, and so it’s important to remember the good times you have with those around you before their time is eventually up. This song was written for and dedicated to Connor’s grandmother, who unfortunately passed away whilst we were on tour. It was a tough situation for him to be in as we could’ve easily cancelled the tour, but he decided to power through regardless.


Sean: Everyone goes through brief moments of vulnerability when relationships come to an end. For one of us, it hit harder than usual. This is pretty much your standard break-up song on the album, but I believe that when it happened and the worst was over, that certain member became better and stronger because of it. We all need time to heal.


Sean: Mental health, depression, and thoughts of suicide are more common than the flu nowadays, and it isn’t something to shy away from talking about. The majority of people in the world are going through this right now, so it was a subject that had to be written about. Just because we experience these issues, it doesn’t make us weak. It makes us human. I feel that this song had to be the title-track for the album as it expresses many different problems that inevitably make us who we are. It’s not about fighting your demons, but learning how to live with them.

07.) COPE

Sean: I always try to challenge and push myself when it comes to the lyrical content, and with this track I really stepped out of my comfort zone to deliver something honest, but also painfully beautiful, and the emotions definitely cut through when you listen to this particular song. I feel that the more real you are with yourself, the more you can achieve in your life. This song was written to help me deal with and maybe one day, overcome certain insecurities I go through on a daily basis to hopefully become the best person that I can be.

08.) BLUE

Dan: The very last song we wrote for the album. Me and Sean were talking one night, and he asked me, “Can you imagine what it’d be like if we’d never met our girlfriends?”, and that struck a certain chord within me. The way these amazing women have kept us headstrong and supported us while we chase our crazy dreams, it makes you wonder if you’d ever find that love and dedication from anybody else. This is a way of us saying to them, “Thank you for being strong for us on those days where strength is so hard to find”.


Dan: This song is almost like ‘Sickness, Pt. 2’ to us. Lyrically, ‘Adjust’ is a song about overcoming the sickness that is looming over the world right now in its various guises. In a world full of division and hate, we have the power to stand together, adjust, and help each other to make the world a better place and break the taboos that keep us apart.

‘Sickness’ is available now and you can order it online now via the band’s website (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

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