TRACK-BY-TRACK: Chapter And Verse – Love & Error

Credit: Promo

It’s been just over a year since Chapter And Verse put forth their ‘Glow’ EP, and despite several runs on the touring circuit and festival spots, they’ve still managed to whip up a follow-up.

The band’s second EP, ‘Love & Error’, is a concept effort of sorts, that builds and expands on the solid foundations that already shone so brightly on ‘Glow’.

To get the lowdown on this next batch of material, how it came to be and what it’s all about, vocalist Josh Carter disclosed the ins and outs of the EP for those of you who want to sink their teeth deep into Chapter And Verse‘s world.

This EP is about ‘Love & Error’ as opposing forces. Each song talks of a different moment in my life when love has either fallen victim to poor choices, or won over them. Every song has its yin and its yang, has its own mirror image or its own dichotomy.

Too much of a good thing can become something very different. ‘Bad Blood’ is about a personal battle with my vices and how I had to stop having too much of a ‘good time’, to properly look after myself. I have a pretty addictive personality and don’t generally do things by halves, so when I’m doing something that could be potentially hazardous to my health, that’s definitely not a good way to be.

Within the context of that struggle, ‘Bad Blood’ sets up the theme of the mirror image. “Some kind of right but some kind of lonely”, “Good from afar but far from good”, and, of course, the title of the EP; love and error are metaphorical examples of that split between good and bad that forms for the basis of the EP.

I had a dream about my first love, having not thought about her for a very long time. Looked her up on social media and she looked so different that it felt like I’d never known her at all.

When that relationship ended, it completely gutted me. It was the first time I’d ever experienced real heartbreak and I remember thinking that I’d never feel any better. But the experience of seeing how differently our lives have turned out (in comparison to how I’d expected) actually served as a reminder that even when you’re in a bad place, time can be such an amazing healer and things will get better.

Growing up, most of us are encouraged to develop dreams/goals/ambitions and to work hard/fight for them. But what if, as you get closer and after a long time of toiling towards them, you realise that they actually look incredibly different to how you envisaged? What if you come to realise that the sum of those aspirations don’t actually make you any happier?

Changing your mind on your life’s ‘direction’ can be one of the hardest things to do. ‘Always’ is about someone I love who made the decision to completely uproot their life, after realising that the goals they’d been pursuing actually made them unhappy.

It was written at the point where we had no idea whether the new direction would work out or not. It felt like a really long road ahead; something else that can be so daunting that it can discourage back you into sticking to the devil you know.

The song was written as a reminder that even if this direction also didn’t work out, that’s still okay. The important thing is that they put themselves before their aspirations.

“Don’t see why you can’t say what you mean”, is a good summary of this song as a whole. I wrote this after the millionth time of nearly falling out with someone I love, because despite us loving each other dearly we’re not good at being upfront with each other. We end up in arguments because we have a history of talking in subtext to one another, but then both feel frustrated when one of us doesn’t understand the other.

I think it’s really important to be really open and honest, especially with your loved ones. They’re the people you’re meant to turn to when things go south. If they don’t fully understand you, how can they properly be there for you?

Fun fact: This was one of the first songs I wrote almost entirely electronically – it started as purely drum machines, synths and vocals. It wasn’t until after I showed the boys a nearly full song structure that the guitar work started to be implemented.

This is another song that came about in a weird fashion. I wrote most of this as an acoustic song, with no intention of it ever becoming a Chapter And Verse track. However, when we were collating all that we’d written, I brought it up with the boys and they vibed with it, so we decided to use it and give it a rocky feel. By the time we got to Darren’s guitar solo, it was a definite. The additions made were so emotive we just couldn’t leave it off the record.

In short, this song is about being lead on, an unrequited love and the frustration that comes with it.

The band’s new EP, ‘Love & Error’, is out now via Killing Moon Records.

You can order the EP online from iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).