TRACK-BY-TRACK: Bleed From Within – Fracture

Credit: Tom Armstrong

Glasgow’s Bleed From Within are putting the past behind them with their fifth record, ‘Fracture’, which sees the metallers overcome their previous frame of mind.

The band had to say about their past troubles, “The doubt and fear that consumed us for years have been replaced with an insatiable hunger to grow as people. We’ve noticed this shift in energy and channelled it into our music. As a result, our new album is the strongest and most uplifting we have ever written.”

Drummer Ali Richardson gave us the full rundown of ‘Fracture’ with a track-by-track detailed commentary that includes singles ‘The End of All We Know’ and ‘Night Crossing’, the latter of which features Trivium‘s Matt Heafy.

This track really sets the tone for album. Anyone that follows the band already will know that this was the first single we released back in November. The response to the track was insane and totally blew us away. It quickly became our most popular song online, and it’s the one that I can’t wait to see people react to when we finally get to play live again. Kennedy’s chorus really changed the track for me, and the verse riff is driving as fuck. This song, along with others from the album, helped mark a change in our songwriting approach. Lyrically, it tackles the break away from our past and a confident step into a future which is very much unwritten.

‘Pathfinder’ took a while to find its place on the album. It was a slow burner and we didn’t really know where to take it. Eventually, we placed that eerie middle 8 in there which gives way to an absolute sledgehammer of a riff (Davie’s favourite on the album). From that point onwards, it was one of our favourites. It’s a slightly more politically charged track, but one I’m sure that you will be able to relate to. It’s fast, it’s angry, and I honestly can’t stop thinking about that breakdown.

I remember when Goonzi first let us hear this main riff. We had some days off whilst on tour in Europe last year, so hired a small lodge to stay in for a few days and work on new material. Everyone else was doing their thing, then he unplugs his headphones and hits play. We lose our shit. Ever since then, we KNEW it was the second single. It has some serious swagger, and was so different to everything we’d been working on. Another one that I can not wait to introduce into the live set. It’s got groove. It’s got thrash. It’s got the breakdown. It’s going to be a mad one.

Like ‘Pathfinder’, this track was proving to be quite difficult. We had plenty of ideas but we were waiting for something to grab us. I began messing around with the drums for the intro then it took on a different form. The snares following the guitar and the solid double pedal give it this frantic drive that was pretty different to all the other tracks. Kennedy spat some filth over the verse and the chorus riff is dirty as hell. In the end, it became another band favourite that holds some of our favourite riffs. Looking forward to seeing how this goes down with the fans.

This is honestly my favourite track that we’ve ever written. This original idea first came together in Europe along with ‘Into Nothing’. Even at that point, I remember getting excited. This was a different pace and a new sound that we were experimenting with. I put the lyrics together for this track at the beginning of 2020 when I was dealing with some serious lows. The finished product is just brutal honesty. The song ended up becoming a vessel for my depression and the feeling of hearing the words back was pure relief. Again, another that I look forward to bringing to the stage for a multitude of reasons.

Our homage to the melodic metal bands that we continue to draw inspiration from. ‘Night Crossing’ has been special from day one and was immediately recognised as a lead single. In terms of songwriting formula, this is very Bleed From Within. Goonzi with the lead intro straight into Steven’s main riff is just joyous and still gets me going. The balance of melody and aggression is something that we’ve forever tried to perfect. ‘Night Crossing’ swings between both elements effortlessly. I couldn’t be more proud of the finished product. Special shout out to Matt Heafy for his amazing guest solo on this track.

This is a tempo and feel that we always play with on our albums. I like to call it ‘the triplet gallop’. It is undeniably metal, which means it’s always fun to play and lends itself well to a live environment. There are some really intricate drum and guitar parts going on throughout the track which help build that intensity. With this is mind, it’s probably one of the hardest to play on the album for me personally. The breakdown is no fucking joke. I remember when it came to tracking this and I was reminded that I’d been practising it with one less note on the kicks. That was a fun half hour trying to place another note in there. Again, Kennedy’s chorus really bought this song to life for me. A powerful song about the world we live in and the damage we’ve done to it.

This is classic Bleed From Within. Another personal favourite right here. Driving groove from the get go, intricate kick following guitar, killer pre-chorus and uplifting chorus. I’ll never forget when Kennedy played this vocal melody back to us via WhatsApp. Life. Made. The middle 8 here is great fun, and the last two minutes of the song are just a pleasure to play. In case you didn’t notice, I bloody love this song. And you will too. (P.S. If you listen closely at 01:46, you can actually hear me losing my shit and screaming in the background. We cut a scream from another part of the song where I kept fucking up and placed it in the gap for a laugh. Good times.)

I have a love/hate relationship with this song if I’m being entirely honest… it started as something completely different then changed quite drastically. Me and Kennedy had some lyrics sitting for this since before ‘Era’, and when it changed we had to re-work them. The child in me couldn’t deal with changing our ways and we weren’t best pleased. However, it has to be said, the finished product has grown on me. With hindsight, it’s much better than the original musically and now holds some of my favourite grooves on the album! ‘Utopia’ is a testament to hard work, grit and perseverance, something that we are all too familiar with and I’m sure that it will resonate with listeners. A proper call-to-arms.

Where to start with this one. As with ‘Fracture’, this was new territory for us in terms of songwriting. It was a tempo or feel that we weren’t too familiar with, but the payoff was worth its weight in gold. The bass and drum driven verse is a favourite for me, and the chorus gives me shivers every time. The entire end section is what made us place it as track 10. The uplifting nature of the song’s earlier moments are followed by this dark and destructive middle 8/outro that rounds the album off perfectly. The song is an atmospheric journey into the depths of human persistence, and I feel it provides the perfect closure to our strongest album yet.

The band’s fifth album, ‘Fracture’, is out now via Century Media Records.

You can order the album online from the band’s official store (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).