TRACK-BY-TRACK: Bailer – Shaped By The Landscape

If you like your metal aggressive and in your face, then you need to get some Bailer down your throat. The new Irish band are already drawing in similarities to The Dillinger Escape Plan and Norma Jean, despite only starting their career in 2015. We managed to catch up with the band to discuss each track on the record and find out what these songs mean to them.

‘Failsafe’ busts out of the gates setting a fast pace for the start of the record. This is a statement of intent. We’ve all been involved in bands forever and when we came together for Bailer, we knew this was going to be a lasting project. Standing your ground and knowing your worth is important in today’s world, and we’ve seen too many people fall short due to the actions of others. Which is total bullshit! We don’t have any back up plans, this is it!

‘The Binding’ explores topics that are a constant obstacle for the youth of today. A false sense of entrapment, loss of hope, and disgust with choices laid out to you; all symptoms of modern society. We always have a choice, and we hate to see people accept that their choices had been taken from them. Sometimes you have to get up, and forge your own future. We chose this as a first single because we felt it represented the anger behind ‘Shaped By The Landscape’ as a whole.

We all meet people that can drain you mentally and emotionally, when you wake up to it, you need to get out of there and make a change! As you can tell from the opening line, there’s a lot of hate in this song that bounces with the grooves throughout. This is one of our favourites to play live as well because people usually start killing each other as soon as it kicks in. Find the ‘Anti-Venom’ to remove the poison in your life.

Ignorance is bliss. It’s nice to doubt people in for the negative aspects you may suspect about them, be it because of family loyalty or respect or whatever. It’s also very hard to pretend some things never happened when you witnessed them first-hand. Getting to a point in my life where I can channel the angry bitter feelings I had endured for so long, into something ultimately positive and beautiful gives me more closure than anything else. It’s hard to lay it all on the table but it’s done nothing but great things for me, and perfectly closes the topics covered across the record.

‘Shaped By The Landscape’ is out on April 29th 2016, and you can pre-order it from the band’s Bandcamp (here), or stream it on YouTube (here)
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