If you like your metal grungy and grimy then you’ll need to get ahold of AWOOGA‘s debut EP ‘Alpha’ that sludges between sounds of Tool and Deftones. The Sheffield band have already hit the road with Amplifier and Knifeworld and are looking ahead to a strong year in 2017, with their first show of the year at Corporation in their hometown. We caught up with the band for a run through of ‘Alpha’, to get a full understanding of how the record came together.

01.) THIEF
Apres a few smokes and drinks, we wanted to write a song which sounded like a beam of energy that has come from a million miles away across space and hits you in the face. ‘Thief’ is the fruit of our efforts. It’s meaning? You know that moment when you realise that everything you’ve ever known is wrong and in that instant it’s like your soul has been stolen? No? Maybe its just me. Generally on Fridays.

For some reason unbeknownst to anyone, we get very inspired to jam and write after we’ve watched South Park. The creative juices were in full flow one freezing cold evening and ‘On Intermission’ was born. It’s written from the point of view of some watching God create Earth, their observation having a direct impact on proceedings… Thinking about it now Donald Trump must have been the onlooker as we’re all fucked. Maybe he is a trans-dimensional entity that can move between space and time…

I’d just bought a really shitty, but weird, guitar from a pawnshop and plugged it straight into my bass rig. After riffing around on it for 10 minutes or so the main hook for ‘Where the Others Go’ appeared. This song tackles the belief that there’s always some one somewhere doing something cool without you. However, when you “find” what that is, you don’t really belong there anyway. I suppose, you could look at it from another point of view, that you are the “others” and are doing a thing of substance that is cool. Although with AWOOGA that’s highly unlikely as the coolest thing we’ve ever done is get to level 104 on ‘Nazi Zombies’.

James (guitar) walked into rehearsal one day and tripped over all his equipment, causing the guitar to fall to the floor and it sounded like an earthquake as all his FX pedals were on. We used part of that sound in creating this song and it underpins its theme. Being on the edge of something is often both exhilarating and utterly terrifying at the same time, the decision to go over the edge can feel like an eternity. This is our take on such situations. On reflection we should probably let James get drunk and high and let him smash into all our gear in the rehearsal room to write our next album, it how he comes up with his best material.

‘Alpha’ is out now and you can download it from their BandCamp page (here).

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