TOUR DIARY: I Set My Friends On Fire (Jan 5th-7th 2017)

Credit: Promo

For the past two weeks, we’ve had an insight into life on the road with the Floridian experimental post-hardcore band I Set My Friends On Fire, documenting a diary of their most recent headline tour of the US, and their first since signing a deal with Tragic Hero Records.

Parts one (here) and two (here) are already available.

Continuing with the story of their time on the road, we’re now bringing you the third and final part of the band’s tour diary. Enjoy!

Day 11 (5/1/2017) Counter Culture

Location: Saginaw, Michigan

Despite another super snowy drive and a bit of a late start, we arrived to Saginaw much more early than usual. I’ve spent a lot of my life in Michigan. I’ve played a thousand shows across the state, but I had never been to Saginaw. It was actually a really cool city, and even with the fact that we never played there before, we had a pretty full room by the time we went on.

One of my best friends, Troy Weiler booked this show and everyone in the band loves him, so it was a great opportunity to catch up. He treated us like gold as always, and we got the opportunity to play with some really cool bands. The venue was also super dope. It was pretty much a DIY space, but had a really nice stage and a really nice PA system, which was super cool.

While we were loading out, the venue owner gave us the low down on all of the “bums” in the area. Come to find, both Chris and I were tricked into giving two different bums money, that were well known in the area for being full of shit, haha. I guess one dude has been saying his house burned down a week ago, for about five years. I kind of wish I had that $20 in that case, but hey… he probably needs it more than we do. Chris lost $20 on a dude who said he just got back from war. The owner was pretty much able to recite his story word for word. I hope it went towards food at least!

Chris doing what he does best, besides playing drums and Runescape!

Day 12 (6/1/2017) The Outpost

Location: Kent, Ohio

We had to drive overnight, which is rare for us on headliners, but Kent is about 45 minutes from Cleveland, and Cleveland is where our new label headquarters are located. They invited us to come by, have lunch, and get the opportunity to meet our team face-to-face for the first time. We were all pretty stoked to get the chance to meet everyone.

When we arrived at the office, we found out it was actually shared with a couple studios as well, one of those being Jim Wirt’s studio. Jim Wirt is a producer who produced some of our favorite albums of all time, mine being (Jack’s Mannequin, Everything In Transit) as well as one of Johny’s favorite albums (Alien Ant Farm), one of Matt’s favorite albums (Everything In Dreaming, Hidden In Plain View), and one of Connor’s favorite albums (Hoobastank, the one with ‘The Reason’). Chris likes bad music. Obviously, with this being said, we were all pretty ecstatic to meet him.

After a quick meet up with the crew and some ice breakers over pizza, we got a tour of the full facility, which included a mixing board once owned by Michael Jackson, as well as the fucking mixing board that recorded The Lion King. Like, ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’ was recorded on that shit. It was really cool to see so much history in one place.

We always love playing The Outpost, the people there are like family to us, but, the fucking mixing board that recorded The Lion King definitely overshadowed the rest of the day. Nonetheless, we played a fun show, got to catch up with some old friends, and had a blast.

Day 13 (7/1/2017) Mohawk Place

Location: Buffalo, New York

Personally, I now live in Rochester, New York, which is pretty much considered Buffalo, which means we have a lot of friends in the area, so all of us always look forward to playing here. The day started with getting stuck in an adult store parking lot for four hours because the Thruway was closed due to bad weather. Shitty way to start the day, but the rest of it turned around pretty quickly. Once we finally got to Buffalo, we met up with our good friend Drac who’s an awesome tattoo artist (Signature Ink Buffalo). He tattooed some of us throughout the day, we met up with some friends, and we ate a ton of Jim’s Steakout, which means it was an awesome day.

The show went great, we actually hit capacity and sold it out. We played with some of our friends bands (Life Barrier, Allegiant). Check them out! We also met up with our boys in A Story Inspired who we toured with last year. It was pretty much just good vibes all around, and an awesome night all together. No complaints here!

The full diary was written by guitarist Nate Blasdell, with all photos and other media provided by the band.

The band will be releasing their third album ‘Caterpillar Sex’ and yet-to-be-titled fourth album later this year via Tragic Hero Records.