TOUR DIARY: I Set My Friends On Fire (Jan 1st-4th 2017)

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Last week, the guys in experimental post-hardcore outfit I Set My Friends On Fire shared with us, and we then shared with you, the first part of the diary from their latest headline tour across the US (you can read it here), which all kicked off at a High School.

Continuing with the story of their time on the road, we’re now bringing you part two of the tour diary, with part three to follow very soon. Enjoy!

Day 7 (1/1/2017) Scarlet And Grey

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Columbus has always been a really weird market for us, and we never know what to expect. The first time we played there last year, we played at a coffee shop where there was literally no standing room besides the pit. There were people hanging on the walls and standing on tables in attempt to stay safe and out of the way, but it wound up not working too well. It was a sick show though! Last time we played here, some hardcore kids came out and tried to fight us, which was a rather bizarre incident. Columbus didn’t fail to surprise us this time either!

It was one of the smaller shows of the tour, but nonetheless we had a blast. The whole night was weird which involved someone leaving acid tabs in our tip jar (none of us do acid), a kid literally begging Matt to take his Grateful Dead shirt in the middle of the set, and, when he refused, he insisted on giving me his Tool sweatshirt… it was weird. We battled issues with the sound guy all night, but still played a fun set. Thanks for the hoodie, dude!

Real shit went down though when we were loading out. As soon as we were done playing, the bar vibe completely changed. At first when we got there, it was a very ‘hippie’ type vibe with a high appreciation for art. After we played, I guess when the sound went down, it just turned ghetto? Some dude started hitting on a girl that stayed after the show outside the venue. She didn’t appreciate it, so she proceeded to cuss him out for it. After that, this dude started getting in her face, and we knew shit was about to go down. So, this dude’s friends start ganging up on this girl and, out of nowhere, the dude that started it all, actually wound up defending this girl. We thought everything was resolved… about 10 minutes later, we walked back outside and they were all going at it again. After about two minutes of yelling back and forth, I guess the girl’s boyfriend threw a drink at another person and then everyone started brawling, but this wasn’t your normal brawl – this brawl lasted for like 20 minutes.

Finally, the bouncer of the venue came out, saw what was up, and tried to break it up. He single handedly tried to take on both groups of people, which added up to be like 10 people total. After getting a few punches to the face, he walked back inside and called the police. At this time, another guy walks up to where the fight is going on, with his hand in his pants yelling “I’MMA LIGHT THIS MOTHA FUCKER UP”. So, by instinct, all of us in the band were like, “Alright, time to get the fuck out of here.” We all packed in the van as this guy continued to threaten to shoot everyone. I went to turn on the van and heard it click. The battery died because we left the flashers on, so we could park illegally, but SOMEONE decided to turn the van off… Matt. Actually, it was probably me… but let’s just say it was Matt.

Anyway, the fight didn’t end there. It moved from the front of the venue, to the side of the venue. It literally went on for like 30 minutes. At least once it moved to the side of the venue, it was away from us, haha. Luckily, someone had jumper cables and helped us out. The police eventually showed up and arrested everyone involved. Not without resistance and a ton more drama. It was like an episode of Cops. In the end, it turned out to be more funny than anything. Everyone was really drunk, and no one got seriously injured, just everyone got arrested. The cops were strip searching one of their cars as we left. It was quite an interesting night to say the least…

Here’s a sick photo that our friend Tyler took!

Day 8 (1/2/2017) OFF DAY

Location: Grove City, Ohio

This was our only off day of the tour, and it was one that we really needed. Our good friends Patrik and Holly, The Depappe Family, were gracious enough to open up their beautiful home to us and let us all camp out there on our day off. Holly made us an awesome breakfast casserole, and made sure that we were well fed throughout the day. Before he settled down with his family, Patrik played in a sick metal band called Jacob’s Dream.

I spent most of the day sharing stories with Patrik and Holly, as well as catching up their sons Kyle and Cody, as well as their “honorary son” Caden, all who are close friends. Matt and Rachel went out to see Rogue One, Johny and Chris pretty much locked themselves in the family’s home studio and just wrote music all day. I think Connor slept most of the day and then got beat in Madden tournament (by me). Overall, it was so nice to relax, get some sleep, and eat well after a long show streak. Before we left, Patrik came down and gave us a giant bag of Skittles for the road… I can’t remember what flavor they were, but they were the best Skittles I’ve ever eaten, hands down.

Thanks for your hospitality, Depappes. We miss you!

Day 9 (1/3/2017) The Ritz

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Detroit has always been a city that has been great to us. It’s a city that personally I’ve called my home for a long time, just because I think I’ve been there more than any other city, including where I live now, but we have so many friends there and always look forward to playing there. The show was run by our good friend Roni, one of my favorite sound guys in the world. Kelly, was working sound that night. There was just a lot to look forward to!

The show went super well for most of the night, despite us going on at literally 1:00am. Until we played, it seemed like it was going to be a mostly drama free night! That changed real quick. Our set went well, but during our last song, a family friend that came out to see us was hit while standing outside the pit. The kid who hit him, pretty much took a cheap shot at his girl as well, which is when our friend decided to do something about it. Well, this kid wound up getting his friends and tried to jump this kid, all while we were playing. I saw it going on, and security was nowhere to be found, so I jumped off stage, to try to de-escalate the situation and break it up. It turns out that was an awful idea, as a missed punch hit me in the face, which also lead to one of the kids following me outside, threatening to kill me, while punching himself in the face. It was really bizarre. Luckily, Matt, Chris, and Connor were there to make sure another fight didn’t break out.

After all that got situated, another fight broke out after the show, which involved a random girl walking up to another girl at the bar and sucker punching her in the face. As she ran out of the venue, our friend who was doing sound tried to keep her from leaving, so they could call the cops. As he dove to hold her back, he missed, slammed his head on a table, and knocked himself out on the venue floor. It was fucking nuts! After that got resolved, there was another fight in the girls bathroom between some other girls. Girls, man. They’re crazy!

We also got to play with this super sick band called Loser. They’re gonna be huge, check them out!

Day 10 (1/4/2017) Papa Pete’s

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

After dodging the snow for most of the winter, we finally encountered some rough driving. Before we left Detroit, everyone was warning us about I-94. Apparently, that’s the highway between Detroit and Kalamazoo, which is infamous for pile-ups. Check out this video!

Luckily, the weather wasn’t quite that bad, and we made it the show safely. We played super late once again, but a ton of kids stuck around and the night was pretty packed. The venue we played had great pizza and fantastic hospitality. We played with some really cool bands, and had an overall great time. We wound up spending the night with our friend Eric and his friend Boots, who also promoted the show. They gave us an awesome place to sleep, bought us beer, and, despite getting stuck in their drive way the next morning from all the snow, gave us a hell of a time! Boots is also probably the funniest person that we’ve ever met.

The full diary was written by guitarist Nate Blasdell, with all photos and other media provided by the band. The second part of the tour diary will be made available in a few days, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment.

The band will be releasing their third album ‘Caterpillar Sex’ and yet-to-be-titled fourth album later this year via Tragic Hero Records.

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