Oxford’s MSRY have built a reputation of no holds hardcore and energetic live performances. Their third EP, ‘Loss’, picks up where last year’s ‘Safety First’ left off, and sees the trio turned quartet continue to deliver punishing and honest hardcore. Read More


EP REVIEW: MSRY – Safety First

Oxford three-piece MSRY proclaim themselves to be “miserable hardcore”. This in itself is nothing really new, but it’s rare for a band to be as upfront about it as these guys are. From their lyrics, to their candid and honest live performances, to their very name itself, they deal with the issue of sadness and mental health head on. Read More


LIVE: Fathoms @ 229 The Venue, London (06/02/2018)

229 The Venue is quite an odd little venue. Tucked round the side of Great Portland Street station, it plays host to both a music venue and a theatre, and it’s located underneath the International Student House. It’s got a quirky charm about it, but it’s not really the type of venue you’d imagine a four strong line-up of hardcore bands playing. But you’d be wrong, as this is where Brighton bruisers Fathoms will be playing their final London show tonight, on the opening night of their farewell tour. Read More