Honesty time, people. Nowadays, there’s little to no money in independent music journalism – that’s why there’s this continuing rise of clickbait content, because traffic and clicks equates to money.

We don’t want to submit to that. We don’t want to submit to access and pandering journalism either, and we won’t want to plaster our site in ad banners and boxes.

We want to continue to deliver authentic, genuine, and original content about what we all love so much: music. We want to work with you and receive your ongoing support to help us continue to do that.

Now, you’re probably asking how? Well, there are a number of ways actually.

Much like most content creators nowadays, Patreon can act like a lifeblood and a life-changer. If you don’t know what it is, it’s essentially like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and pretty much any other crowd funding platform you can think of.

With monthly donations, we can help to achieve our goals to not only survive but thrive, and depending on how much you contribute, the more perks and incentives you’ll get in return.

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