As one of this year’s sponsors for Manchester’s own SummerJam, we’re carrying out some preview features for a bunch of bands featured on the line-up. This time we spoke with Darryl Jones, frontman for Cheshire based metallers, This Is Turin. You can check out what he had to say and why you should catch the band’s set below:

DP!: How are things going in This Is Turin at the moment?
D: Things have completely flipped on their head to be honest. A couple of months ago we lost our bassist, and then we learnt that the album we had spent the best part of 12 months putting together had be lost due to two back-up drives frying. That was a particularly hard pill to swollow. However, things have become better than ever. We reformed with our original bassist, found a top producer to record with and been playing the shows of our lives with more doors open than ever. Things feel extremely positive.

DP!: You guys are set to play at this year’s SummerJam festival weekend, excited?
D: We’ve been looking forward to this show for a long time. The bill is filled with the best the UK has to offer. It’s a privilege to play alongside some of my personal favourite bands. The organisers are doing the scene proud.

DP!: For those who are yet to see you guys live, what can they expect from your set at SummerJam?
D: Musically, we’re probably the most extreme act on the bill. We have a reputation for leaving it all on stage, and that’s exactly what we’ll do. They can expect a sore neck.

DP!: Along with SummerJam, you’ve also recently been confirmed a slot at this year’s Bloodstock Open Air Festival next month. How did you guys secure that and are you nervous about it?
D: We entered and won the Manchester Metal To The Masses competition. We only entered to play some heavily attended shows with great bands. We thought it would be a good way of meeting friends, both old and new. The fact this opportunity has come out of it is amazing to put it lightly. We’re all regular patrons and feel humbled by the support that got us on the bill. We’re excited more than nervous. We worked hard to get there, and we’ll make sure we finish the job off.

DP!: What do you guys have planned after SummerJam is done and dusted?
D: Re-record our album. It will be a much quicker turnaround this time. We’re ready and we know we must do ourselves proud. We’ve also just been added to the agency Nazgul and hope to work with them to become busy in support of the album later this year.

DP!: Do you have any final words for our readers and SummerJam attendees?
D: Enjoy your festival. Get there early both days. Go hard, but look after each other. Watch Turin. Share a shot or two.

This Is Turin are performing on Sunday July 21st on the Second Stage at 4:15pm.

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