SUMMERJAM 2013 PREVIEW: Shadows Chasing Ghosts

As one of this year’s sponsors for Manchester’s own SummerJam, we’re carrying out some preview features for a bunch of bands featured on the line-up. This time we spoke to frontman Trey Tremain of those soon to meet their demise Shadows Chasing Ghosts, who will sadly be playing one of their final ever shows at SummerJam before parting ways. You can check out what the guys all had to say and why you should catch the band’s set below:

DP!: How are things going in Shadows Chasing Ghosts at the moment?
T: Yeah, things are going good, apart for dealing with a ridiculous heat wave whilst travelling in a van for hours. Not the one, get me to a fucking swimming pool.

DP!: You guys are set to play at this year’s SummerJam festival weekend, excited?
T: We’re really excited for SummerJam, we played it last year and it was cracking. The line-up this year looks fucking wicked too, so we’ll all be getting pretty pissed up watching some mates play all day in the sun. What could be better?

DP!: For those who are yet to see you guys live, what can they expect from your set at SummerJam?
T: We’re going to be playing mainly older stuff, so some song alongs and mosh pits are going to be on the cards. Plenty of energy, sweat and booze, so don’t wear your best outfit that day.

DP!: You guys announced earlier this year that you will be parting ways after finishing off a final few shows. What is the reason for your split and do you guys have any other projects coming up?
We did. It wasn’t something that was decided easily and it wasn’t pleasant having to deliver the news. The main reasons are that we’ve been through so much shit the last couple of years financially, and it finally just became all the band was based around and really didn’t make things enjoyable. We’ve been through about 4 vans in 2 years, pretty sick of the site of them which doesn’t help when being in a band.
But, saying that, we’re all still very passionate about music and some of us are going to be doing some bits and pieces, but nothing as stressful and full-time as SCG. We’ll be posting out from our Facebook page with updates at some point in the future, so people should keep their eyes peeled.

DP!: What do you guys have planned after SummerJam is done and dusted?
T: Well, we’ve been on our farewell tour and we’ve still got a few more shows to play after in Bridlington and then finish things off in Newcastle. We’ll all be partying pretty hard over the weekend seeing as it’s the last shows, especially at SummerJam.

DP!: Do you have any final words for our readers and SummerJam attendees?
T: Thank you to anyone that’s supported SCG over the years, brought our shit, came to shows, got pissed up with us, let us pass out on their floor or just generally been bloody nice to us. We hope we’ve given people something to remember. SummerJammers; last chance to fuck shit up with us so make sure you that bring your A game with you.

Shadows Chasing Ghosts are performing on Saturday July 20th on the Main Stage at 6:00pm.

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