SUMMERJAM 2013 PREVIEW: Now, Voyager

As one of this year’s sponsors for Manchester’s own SummerJam, we’re carrying out some preview features for a bunch of bands featured on the line-up. This time we spoke those Belgian upstarts that are Now, Voyager. You can check out what the guys all had to say and why you should catch the band’s set below:

DP!: How are things going in Now, Voyager at the moment?
NV: Things are going really well for us. We’re on tour right now with Palm Reader and Shadows Chasing Ghosts for their UK farewell tour. We’re having a good time, touring with two awesome bands and enjoying every single show. On top of all that, we’ve just signed a record deal with Destroy Everything which we’re really excited about. Things are definitely going well for us right now.

DP!: You guys are set to play at this year’s SummerJam festival weekend, excited?
NV: When you look at the line-up and see the bands we’re going to be playing with, it’s impossible to not feel excited. As a band, we feel very privileged and lucky to be able to be a part of that line-up. There are a lot of bands on the bill that we’re fans of as well, like Devil Sold His Soul, that we’re looking forward to see, so it’s going to be a fun experience for us.

DP!: For those who are yet to see you guys live, what can they expect from your set at SummerJam?
NV: I think you can just expect to see five guys up on stage having the time of their lives with a strong passion for music, and a desire to share that passion with others. It’s really just that simple. We love what we do, we’re lucky to be able to be in the UK to play our music and we would love for everyone to stop by during our set and see what we’re about.

DP!: You guys have your new EP ‘Tell-Tale Hearts’ coming out next month. How was the writing and recording process and what can we expect from it?
NV: As I mentioned earlier, we just signed a record deal with Destroy Everything. The EP will be out August 19th 2013 through them, and we’re really stoked to release it and see what people think. We were pretty nervous when we released our first single for the EP, ‘Where We’ll Start’, and we’re completely blown away with the responses we’ve gotten, so we’re curious to see how the rest of it goes over.

As far as the writing and recording process, it honestly took us a while to get it all ready for the studio. We had a concept in mind, but we just weren’t sure how to translate that over into music. After 3 long months of hard work though, we managed to get what we we were looking for and so we set off to Outhouse Studios to record it. The entire experience was intense from beginning to end and I hope that will come across when people listen to the songs. We poured our hearts into it, and just tried to make it as honest as we possibly could.

DP!: What do you guys have planned after SummerJam is done and dusted?
NV: We’ll be busy working on a bunch of things once we get back to Belgium. We’ll definitely be back in the UK soon though. We’re already looking forward to Butserfest in September along with a few more dates around it. We’ll probably play a few shows around Belgium as well since we’ve been neglecting our home country a little this year, haha. In addition to all of that though, we’ll probably start writing some new tunes as well and prepare for the possibility of writing an album some time in the future.

DP!: Do you have any final words for our readers and SummerJam attendees?
NV: Thank you for taking the time to read this interview, and if you’re coming out to SummerJam or any of the remaining shows of this tour, then please come and check us out. We’d really appreciate it and we love making new friends.

Now, Voyager are performing on Sunday July 21st on the Second Stage at 3:30pm.

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