STRAIGHT OUTTA: Seattle (Ayron Jones)

Credit: Promo

Rock singer-guitarist Ayron Jones has just released his genre-blending debut single ‘Take Me Away’ that takes influence from the weight of his past and how music can be used as an escape. We grabbed Ayron to talk about his hometown of Seattle and the new bands that are doing the local legends proud.

“Seattle has been the birthplace to some of the most influential and ground-breaking music in the world. From the soul scene of the 50s and 60s to that produced acts like Quincy Jones, Ray Charles and Jimi Hendrix. To the 90s scene that gave us acts like Sir Mix-A-Lot, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and more. Now, in 2020, Seattle’s millennial generation have become the torch-bearers of its rich music legacy. Much like our generation, the lines we call genre have been blurred, resulting in what I believe is a new Seattle Sound.”

Here are 5 bands that are redefining the Seattle Sound in 2020:


The Black Tones, comprised of twins Eva and Cedric Walker, have quickly become a household name in Seattle. Their unapologetic punk-blues album ‘Cobain and Cornbread’ has sent shockwaves rippling throughout the Pacific Northwest instantly turning heads with their sound. The band would go on to perform on opening slots for Death Cab for Cutie, introducing them to a larger audience and consequentially dubbing them the “Next Big Thing” to come out of Seattle, Washington.


Armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar and her smokey voice, Whitney Monge has become a music staple of the Pacific Northwest over the years. Her soul-laced storytelling bears the legacy of guitar virtuosity and unabashed emotion that those of us from Seattle have become accustomed to. A sound she developed while busking over the noisy commotion of Seattle’s Pike Place market, where she got her start. Whitney is poised to make her break into the mainstream.


50s pop meets Seattle rock creating a power-pop sound that gleams of superstardom. Frontman Trevor Boone delivers powerful stories of love and life with his pop-laden tenor range and irresistibly overdriven guitar riffs, played through that classic telecaster tone. The only ingredient missing for these guys is a record deal. Mark my words these cats will be HUGE.


It’s not often you come across an undiscovered artist and immediately think: rock star, but that’s just what I thought when I first heard Vanna Oh!. . Her songs beg to differ, vaporising stereotypes with her incendiary guitar work, incredible vocal range and addictively charismatic stage presence. While her lyrics are spoken clearly, the true nature of her message isn’t fully captured in words but rather felt. Like the emotion that pumps from her fingers into the tone that bleeds from her turned-the-f***-up amplifier, she has the power.


They may be young but this band has that “IT” factor. Led by 20 year-old frontman Cameron Lavi-Jones, King Youngblood recalls the spirit of punk legends, Bad Brains while incarnating Seattle soul music legacy. The band has only released a handful of songs but let there be no doubt about it, they are on their way.

Ayron Jones‘s new single ‘Take Me Away’ is out now.

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