STRAIGHT OUTTA: Ireland (Bitch Falcon)

Credit: Robert Watson

Irish dream-grunge trio Bitch Falcon are preparing for the release of their debut album ‘Staring At Clocks’ so we grabbed frontwoman Lizzie Fitzpatrick and drummer Nigel Kenny to talk about some of the bands from their home country that may have slipped under our radar.

“The Irish music scene has been going through a golden age, dating back to a time in the mid 00’s when we thought it couldn’t get any better. Bands like Adebisi Shank, Enemies, And So I Watch You From Afar and The Redneck Manifesto and their groundbreaking label, The Richter Collective became pioneers in a new wave of Irish music that paved the way for us all. This was a defining period after decades of twee solo folk troubadours, rebel songs and the delay, drenched, stadium 80’s riffs that came to narrowly define Irish music. Now after a busy start to the 21st Century, it really seems like it’s only kicking off. Here’s 5 picks (Come on! 5? Really? We could write 20 pages of good shit for you!) of some of our favourite rock bands.”


Nigel: I love Silverbacks. I’ve been playing their recent album, ‘Fad’, a LOT since it came out. Such a bunch of incredible musicians, who do the right thing at the right time in every song. It’s like a delicious burrito made up of Girl Band, David Byrne, Do Nothing, Radiohead and some crazy, hot salsa you can’t quite figure out what it’s made of. Check out ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘Just In The Band’.

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Nigel: The Altered Hours have been around for a while and put out some amaaaaazing songs but for some reason, haven’t ended up playing stadiums everywhere yet. We have been super lucky to play with them twice, but only been lucky enough to hang out and drink with them once. A bunch of absolute sweethearts, who would have even any fan of The Brian Jonestown Massacre saying The Altered Hours have better songs.

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Nigel: Just Mustard, maybe you’re heard of them? They’re outrageously good. Their debut album, ‘Wednesday’, came out in 2018 to surprised reverence and while the ink was still dry on the pages of 5* reviews around the world, they managed somehow to eclipse that immense debut effort with two stunning new releases, ‘Frank // October’ and ‘Seven’. Clearly a band that doesn’t fuck around and I cannot wait to hear what they come out with next.

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Lizzie: Look, I know we’re all mad about them, but for the uninitiated they’re a spectacular meld of garage indie, big end ballad and sad rock. I think they’re going to be (are) the biggest asset out of Ireland at the moment and everyone has got to jump on that train. ‘Holy Show’ is a glorious track with an exceptional video by Kate Dolan

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Lizzie: GG are a new band made up of members from September Girls, Girls Names and Pins. They don’t have much music out yet, but I have heard a good few of the tracks off their upcoming release and I assure you it’s gold. It’s like a modern Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

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Bitch Falcon‘s new album ‘Staring At Clocks’ is released on November 6th, via Small Pond Records.

You can pre-order the album online from Bandcamp (here), iTunes (here), and Amazon (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.