STRAIGHT OUTTA: Galicia (Bala)

Credit: Promo

Anxela Baltar and Violeta Mosquera form the gritty, grunge-punk duo from Galicia, Spain that take their aggressive influences from the likes of L7, Mudhoney and Led Zeppelin. The band are preparing for the release of their third album, ‘Maleza’, which is their first since 2017’s ‘Lume’ and their first to be released on Century Media Records

We caught up with Anxela to talk about some of the best bands from the Galician region of Spain that may have slipped under our radar.


Smashing duo with bass and drums that are about to release their second album. Energy, attitude, youth and progressive metal all in one. Their first album, ‘A ver a qué sabe’ was their presentation letter and the second album it´s gonna be rad, and will have some special collaborations…


One of the greatest bands ever. The Galician´s King Crimson. Awesome musicians that experiment with all between math rock, progressive, jazz, post hardcore…one of the greatest prides of Galicia. They´re about to release a new album and we can’t wait to hear it!


They are from Pontevedra and they are an exquisite mix between hardcore, punk and noise. They have released two albums, both of them great and super recommendable. The first one, ‘Triple España’, put them on the map as one of the most interesting underground bands of the scene. Go and check them out!


Awesome band, born from two different projects: Kings of the Beach and Kaixo.
Punk, noise and urban music collides in this fresh proposal that is going to give a lot to talk about. They just released their first album ‘YOUCANTHIDE’ and it’s full of great tracks.


Old school rap in Galician language, with a great personality and authenticity. Each concert is a new party in which different instruments and experimentation are combined. Guaranteed fun!

Bala‘s new album ‘Maleza’ is out on May 14th, via Century Media Records.

You can order the album online here.

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook and Instagram.