STRAIGHT OUTTA: Finland (One Morning Left)

Credit: Promo

Finnish sextet One Morning Left are back with their their fourth album ‘Hyperactive’ that sees the metalcore band blend elements of Eskimo Callboy and I See Stars with retro electronic and video game music.

We caught up with Leevi from the band to talk about some of the best bands from Finland that may have slipped under our radar.


You like black metal? You like modern metalcore? I’ve got good news for you: Assemble The Chariots combines those two genres perfectly! Super technical playing on all the instruments, inhuman vocals and a soundscape that will make you question Lord Of The Rings soundtracks. These dudes bring hell on earth and you should be very afraid… in a good way. Their new single ‘Empress’ will blow your brains.


Without Alexi Laiho I wouldn’t be playing guitar the way I do now. After Children of Bodom quit and before the passing of Alexi there was an EP made. Listen to it and witness the fury of the GOAT, Mr Laiho. Rest in power!


This one is for the 80’s lovers out there, including me! To balance out the two previous picks I want to give a shout-out to the disco-queen and kings: Beverly Girl. When listening to this band you will feel good, sexy and just happy. I love this band and you will too. ‘Straight from the Heart’ will get your groove on baby!


Mr Samy Elbanna is hands down one of the greatest guitarists EVER to come from Finland, and his band Lost Society will carry the torch of thrash metal for future generations. And I will proudly follow. Their newer stuff is way more “mature” songwriting wise and you should check that out! But for the more “old-school trash sound-loving” people, you should start by listening ‘Terror Hungry’. Hell fucking yeah.


With a great band name comes great responsibility – and these dudes won’t disappoint. Mosh ‘n roll is their genre and it includes rock inspired metal riffs, black metal and old school In Flames kind of riffing. Their singer is an animal. And he has one of the manliest moustaches in the history of this planet.

One Morning Left‘s new album ‘Hyperactive’ is out now, via Arising Empire.

You can order the album online from Apple Music (here) and Amazon (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Instagram. and Instagram.