STRAIGHT OUTTA: Canada (Rarity)

Credit: Daniel Hadfield

Canadian rockers Rarity have recently dropped 2 new singles, ‘Leave It Alone’ and ‘Worn Down’, which are the first material we’ve heard from Hamilton band since their 2019 record ‘The Longest Lonesome’.

We had a chat with top chaps Evan Woods and Corbin Giroux from the band to talk about some of the bands from their local area that may have slipped under our radar. Check out the 5 bands from Ontario, Canada that the guys picked out to give a listen to!


From: Burlington, Ontario
FFO: Beartooth / Every Time I Die

Evan: Dead and Divine introduced me to everything I love about heavy music. They influenced all of my musical preferences that I still hold strong to this day, AND they did it 5 years before any of those sounds and ideas became popular. Every riff, lyric and drum beat is carved into my brain, so much so that 10 years later I still turn into a pissed off high-schooler every time I put them on. I really recommend this band. If you love powerful riffs, huge choruses with a tinge of sPoOoOOoKy, this is the way to go.


From: Belleville, Ontario
FFO: Movements / Gleemer

Corbin: Arm’s Length is a newer band, having only released one perfect EP in 2019 called ‘What’s Mine Is Yours’. They’ve established a very devoted fan base from their hometown, after graduating high school and have already had many people travel from other provinces, and even America to watch them play. This is a band full of potential with a huge ceiling in their musical careers. I don’t even think Arm’s Length has done a full tour yet, which is a testament to what is to come for these young, talented musicians. Listen to their song watercolour and be ready to see more from them in the future.


From: Burlington, Ontario
FFO: Beartooth / Envy On The Coast

Evan: I Am Committing A Sin may just be my favourite band of all time, they also happen to be from 20 minutes away. Broken up before I had even heard of them, I was lucky enough to see one of their insane live shows during a reunion. They left everything on the stage every night, which definitely influenced the Rarity live mantra. IACAS’s music is fast, pissed off, unapologetic and dare I say – funky? If you want to jam your ass off in your room begging for another reunion like me, go check them out! (I’d recommend their last single “Orange” – I just happen to be the drummer on said track)


From: Niagra On The Lake, Ontario
FFO: Glassjaw / Thrice / Balance And Composure

Corbin: Heavy Hearts are my favourite Canadian band and I feel like I could talk forever about how cool this group is. Heavy Hearts are a group of creatives first and band people second. Everyone in this band does so much more than just play their instrument, and their keen focus on simply creating the most intriguing music ever goes unmatched. Whether it’s Riley’s completely unpredictable guitar leads, Justin singing softly using his head voice and the next second hitting the highest notes I can’t even hit, this band will interest you in some way. If that wasn’t enough, Jamie’s bass tone will blow you away whenever shows can happen again and their drummer Joey also does harmonies and triggers the auxiliary production for live sets, creating a very immersive experience.

If you’ve been looking for that new band that will hit right away and just make sense, Heavy Hearts are that band. Start with their new album ‘Room With a View’ and work backwards through their discography for new listeners. My favourite song is the title track on the album.


From: Hamilton, Ontario
FFO: Death Cab For Cutie / Mineral / Owen

Corbin: This is a band from our hometown that I’ve liked for a long time. Their composer/guitarist/singer Wade writes basically everything and then has a band accompany him for live shows. I have always been drawn towards bands where one member is sort of the vision/creative direction of the project, and Math Club is a perfect example of that dynamic. They play in a multitude of different open tunings, utilise sombre melodies and are experts at going from loud and boisterous to quiet and vulnerable. This creates a serene, atmospheric feeling in their songs but is still nostalgic enough to have you reminisce over early 2000’s emo bands while listening to their discography. Definitely start with their album ‘There’s a Light on Upstairs’ for first time listeners and give it a listen all the way through. My favourite track is called ‘Blood Work (Cathedrals)’.

Rarity‘s new single ‘Worn Down / Leave It Alone’ is out now.

You can stream and download the single from Apple Music (here), Spotify (here) and Amazon Music (here).

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