SO YOU LIKE: Paramore

Paramore took the world by storm when they released their critically acclaimed second album, ‘Riot!’. Suddenly, this small Tennessee band was on everyone’s lips and have been getting bigger and bigger ever since. Frontwoman Hayley Williams went from the girl next door to the girl on the cover of Kerrang! and many more music magazines alike. Now, they’re on sell-out arena tours and featuring in the charts on a regular basis, and it doesn’t look like their fame is going anywhere anytime soon.

As a consequence of their massive fame, trying to see Paramore live can get a tad pricey and since they aren’t playing in smaller venues, the intimate feel of their shows has somewhat diminished. Never fear though, here is a list of bands that are somewhat similar to Paramore and ones that are still relatively small, allowing you to go to their intimate gigs and discover a few awesome bands in the process. So, if you’re into Paramore, please, check out the following:


It’s easy to compare any female-fronted band to Paramore nowadays, but perhaps most similar to them are Aussie pop-rockers, Tonight Alive. This Down Under five-piece possess the feisty attitude of Paramore as well as a very similar sound, boasting rich guitar riffs and a solid rhythm. Fronted by Jenna McDougall, their live shows are simply outstanding and have more energy than a cocaine-fuelled toddler. Though they still play in smaller venues, they’re swiftly on the rise so make sure that you check them soon.

‘Lonely Girl’ (taken from ‘The Other Side’)

‘Amelia’ (taken from ‘What Are You So Scared Of?’)

‘Little Lion Man’ (taken from ‘Punk Goes Pop 4’, originally by Mumford & Sons)


Sitting on the more pop-punk side of the spectrum are The Dollyrots. In true punk style, they tour as a three-piece (even though there are only two members in the band) and truly kick ass when they do. Frontwoman Kelly Ogden has a wonderfully, bubbly voice that enhances their bouncy, poppy sound. Perhaps they may be a bit sugar sweet for some, but The Dollyrots are certainly one of the better acts out there today. Put it this way: if you like the poppier side of Paramore, then you should definitely check out The Dollyrots.

‘My Heart Explodes’ (taken from ‘A Little Messed Up’)

‘Pretty On The Outside’ (taken from ‘The Dollyrots’)

‘Satellite’ (taken from ‘The Dollyrots’)


Sticking with the pop-punk vibe, We Are The In Crowd are certainly ones to check out. These US rockers have only one full-length album under their belt, but it’s a cracker. Having found their feet so early on in their career, the sky is the limit for this young five-piece. No doubt they’ll be returning to UK shores soon and, when they do, you’d be stupid to miss them as not only are they fantastic live but they’re on the fast track to superstardom.

‘Rumor Mill’ (taken from ‘Best Intentions’)

‘Exits And Entrances’ (taken from ‘Best Intentions’)



On the other side of the scale and offering more sombre and heavier songs are Flyleaf. Though they have recently departed with long-time frontwoman Lacey Sturm, they have recruited an equally talented and ballsy replacement in the form of Kristen May. You may have read somewhere that Flyleaf are a Christian band, and they are to some respects, but don’t let that put you off, for you would be denying yourself some truly outstanding music. Just take a listen to the tracks below and be prepared to be blown away.

‘I’m So Sick’ (taken from ‘Flyleaf’)

‘So I Thought’ (taken from ‘Flyleaf’)

‘Set Apart This Dream’ (taken from ‘Momento Mori’)


Although VersaEmerge didn’t start out as a female-fronted band, they’re still worthy of a place in this list. Front lady Sierra Kusterbeck has such a fantastic voice and, backed with the music mastermind of Blake Harnage, they have produced some phenomenal music over the last few years. Dabbling and combining bits and pieces from all genres of rock, VersaEmerge will have something that pleases everyone, even if you just look at them. With a handful of EPs and a spectacular album at hand, there’s nothing stopping you from checking out these Floridian rockers.

‘In Pursuing Design’ (taken from ‘Perceptions’)

‘Fixed At Zero’ (taken from ‘Fixed At Zero’)

‘Mind Reader’ (taken from ‘Fixed At Zero’)

NOTE: Since the publication of this article, VersaEmerge have since changed their name to Versa.

Written by Andy Roberts