Press To MECO will be heading to the UK to play the legendary Slam Dunk Festival along with a host of other bands including Neck Deep, The Menzingers, and Bad Religion.

The South London band have been on fire since the release of last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Here’s To The Fatigue, with a European tour supporting Shinedown and an acoustic EP and tour to start 2019.

We caught up with guitarist and vocalist Luke Caley to talk about their performance at Slam Dunk and the rest of the summer.



DP!: What are you most looking forward to about Slam Dunk 2019?
Luke: This will actually be the first time any of us have been to Slam Dunk, even as a punter. So we’re all just genuinely excited to check it out and experience the festival we’ve heard so many great things about.

DP!: What makes Slam Dunk stand out compared to other shows and festivals?
Luke: Again, having not been at Slam Dunk before, I don’t feel that qualified to answer, haha. But chatting to friends in bands who’ve played the festival and friends back home that have been multiple years, everyone says the crowds are amazing. It also seems to have still kept that ‘small festival’/community spirit vibe, which a lot of festivals lose once they start reaching a certain point of success. But I’m looking forward to experiencing it all first hand.

DP!: Why should people come and check you out?
Luke: If you like choruses, harmonies and riffs delivered by three sweaty young men, then we’re the band for you. If that’s not your thing, then come check it out anyways and we’ll do our best to try convert you, haha.

DP!: Which is better – Hatfield or Leeds?
Luke: Ask me this question again after the weekend.

DP!: What do you guys have planned in summer after Slam Dunk is done and dusted?
Luke: We’ve got a bunch of other festivals lined up; Marshall Live, Camden Rocks, Behave Festival, Truck Festival, 2000 Trees, etc. but we’ve purposely tried to stay as quiet as possible in between shows as we’re knuckling down on writing right now. Myself and Lewis just get distracted too easily otherwise, we’re like dogs, haha. I’m really enjoying writing for the first time in a while and wanna make the most of it while I can.

DP!: If you could pick any band ever to play at Slam Dunk with you this year, who would you pick?
Luke: ABBA.

DP!: If you had to pick 5 other bands that you were most looking forward to seeing at Slam Dunk, who would you pick?
Luke: I guess we should probably shout out the bands we’re friends with first, right? Wallflower, SHVPES, Boston Manor, As It Is, and I’ve always wanted to check out Glassjaw, so they can round off the list.

This year’s Slam Dunk Festival will take place on May 25th and May 26th in Leeds and Hatfield respectively. There will be no Midlands based date for 2019.

Press To MECO are on tour on the following dates.

MAY 24 – SWINDON, Level 3
MAY 25 – LEEDS, Temple Newsam Park (Slam Dunk Festival)
MAY 26 – HATFIELD, Hatfield Park (Slam Dunk Festival)
JUNE 01 – MILTON KEYNES, Marshall Live
JUNE 02 – LONDON, Camden Rocks Festival
JULY 11 – CHELTENHAM, 2000 Trees Festival
JULY 27 – STEVENTON, Truck Festival

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