SLAM DUNK 2011 PREVIEW: VersaEmerge

Despite constantly being compared to label mates Paramore due to both bands having a female lead vocalist, VersaEmerge opt for a far more theatrical and alternative rock style of music than their peers. Steadily climbing the popularity ladder over here in the UK with their first headline tour on these shores, along with an upcoming set at Slam Dunk Festival, we got in touch with the band to talk about their shows and how they feel about their soon to come festival appearance:

Zach: How are you guys (and gal) looking forward to your set at Slam Dunk this year?
VE: We can’t wait! This will be our first time playing UK festivals, and we’ve heard nothing but good things.

Zach: Your appearance there coincides with your first headline UK tour, do you find any differences playing in the UK as opposed to the US?
VE: Well, it’s always interesting to try and notice differences in touring of the UK as opposed to the US. It’s strange to see such diverse markets within such close proximity of each other. Also, I think our UK fans definitely make shows worth while, since our visits can sometimes be few and far between.

Zach: You’ve also got Not Advised supporting you during the tour, what’s your opinion on those guys and their music?
VE: We love those guys. They’re definitely the type of guys that we can joke around with in the dressing rooms before the show. They’re also a super tight live band, which is always good to see.

Zach: For those who haven’t listened to your music yet, how would you best describe your sound?
VE: I think it’s difficult to describe our music to someone who’s never heard it, but it think that’s a good thing. We normally begin with saying our style is ‘rock’. We try and incorporate film score-like textures to help dramatize the music, which is dramatizing the lyrics… so maybe you could our music sounds dramatic?

Zach: You released your debut full-length ‘Fixed At Zero’ in the UK earlier this year, how would you compare the record with your previous EP releases?
VE: A debut EP is only a short preview of a band’s music, compiling the most hard-hitting tracks fit for a first impression. ‘Fixed At Zero’ was our first chance to create a full, well-rounded work of music. A full-length album needs certain musical ingredients to mix together to be able to be something you can listen from beginning to end without stopping.

Zach: Why should people going to Slam Dunk this year come along and check out your set?
VE: Because you wont get bored watching us. We have a great time on stage and like to get the crowd riled up.

Zach: Are you planning to catch any other bands whilst you’re there?
VE: We are really good friends with A Rocket To The Moon, so we will definitely try and catch their set. Also, Less Than Jake.

Zach: Will you be chilling out at the aftershow party once it’s over?
VE: Fudge yeah!

Zach: What’s planned for VersaEmerge after Slam Dunk is over?
VE: We’ve got some more shows in mainland Europe. After this tour, we’ll be home writing LP 2!

Zach: Is there anything else you’d like to add or share with our readers?
VE: If you got this far down the interview, thanks for being interested! You can see all of our upcoming show dates on our website. VIVA LA VULTURE!

LEEDS SET TIME: 17:50 – 18:20 (5:50pm – 6:20pm) on the Atticus stage.
HATFIELD SET TIME: 17:40 – 18:10 (5:40pm – 6:10pm) on the Atticus stage.
RIYL: Francesqa, The Maine, Hey Monday
LISTEN TO: Past Praying For, Mind Reader, Fixed At Zero

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