SINGLE: You Me At Six – Stay With Me

Release Date: September 5th, 2010
Label: Virgin


Weybridge’s teen pop-punk superstars You Me At Six have come a long, long way since their breakthrough single ‘Save It For The Bedroom’. With two albums under their belt since then and several other singles, ‘Stay With Me’ is the latest addition to their arsenal of guaranteed success and sing-a-long hits.

The most notable progression from their early days of recognition and teen girl love is their songs getting far less two dimensional and basically structured. For the most part, ‘Stay With Me’ still maintains the conventional verse/chorus/verse structure, there’s a lot more depth and intricacy instrumentally.

Lyrically it’s more or less the same story, love and relationships of course, but vocally ever-growing teen girl heart throb Josh Francheschi has without a doubt improved. Simplistic “Stay with me! Stay with me!” is evidence that recent years have treated his range and ability well in his favour, and with that on show there’s a lot more he could do with it for the band’s future.

‘Stay With Me’ is a definite step up on display from their early days, and just another brick added to their ever worked structure into future pop-punk/pop-rock idols.

Written by Zach Redrup