SINGLE: We The Kings – Heaven Can Wait

Release Date: March 1st, 2010
Label: S-Curve
Website: None available


Newbies to the mainstream pop-punk scene, We The Kings are crawling closer and closer to try and get the attention of their bigger and more popular peers for a chance in the spotlight. They’ve got no chance at all if what they have to offer is anything like the band’s debut UK single ‘Heaven Can Wait’ taken from their second album ‘Smile Kid’.

The only defence this single has is that admittedly it is somewhat catchy, but even then the hook isn’t one that’s gonna sit in your head on a long loop all day long which is quite necessary in pop-punk today, and like I said this is the best point about the single. That aside, ‘Heaven Can Wait’ plays like a cheesey, predictable and rather stale mess.

The sad thing is that a great deal of teens are gonna love this band, but if you’ve got some sense that please stay well away where possible. Heaven can wait, and so can we.

Written by Zach Redrup